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Amazon and Microsoft are joining their digital assistants

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Gadgets

This is probably a partnership you would not have expected: Amazon and Microsoft, actually big competitors when it comes to language assistants, their two digital helpers Alexa and Cortana. According to this, Amazon e-mail customers can now use Microsoft services such as Outlook – and vice versa.

          Owners of the smart loudspeaker from Amazon stand by the co-operation such language commands as "Alexa, open Outlook!" to disposal. Also calendar entries as well as noted reminders and mails, which are all stored in Microsoft services, can then be organized through a language command via Alexa. On the other hand, Cortana users can now use the command "Cortana, open Alexa!" To access the abilities of Amazon's assistant, so buy at Amazon.
      "We want to ensure that Cortana is available to all our customers on all devices."
      Satya Nadella
    According to the New York Times, the partnership has been prepared since the end of 2016 and is expected to work by the end of this year. Through the cooperation, both companies are hoping to expand the functions of their smart assistants at once and to win a large number of additional users. Amazon and Microsoft had already run a smaller partnership: Alexa uses Microsoft's search engine Bing and not Google.Digital marketing in focus Now every week intensified in HORIZONT Print! Interest? Then best to use our current test-read offer with digital marketing focus. Click here for the orderAmazon boss Jeff Bezos did not ask the media report to Apple and Google whether they also had an interest in a partnership. Whether the two tech giants are willing to jump with their voice assistants Siri and the Google Assistant also into the boat is unclear. Apple and Google may have an interest in not sharing their assistants with others to maintain a USP for the iOS and Android operating systems, "We want to ensure that Cortana is available to our customers on all devices," commented Microsoft- Chef Satya Nadella's partnership. The collaboration with Amazon is "a great step" for this goal. Amazon Boss Bezos is quoted as saying: "The world is large and multi-faceted, with many successful language assistants, each with their own data access and skills, and we will link our strengths and give our customers a more valuable offer To provide compensation. " ron





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