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Alternative Drives: Hyundai builds fuel cell SUV with 580 km range

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 | Gadgets

Hyundai has presented a new SUV with fuel cell drive for 2018. The vehicle should have a range of 580 km per tank filling. The prices are not yet known.

The SUV is the second of its kind to be launched by the South Korean manufacturer. The first SUV with the alternative drive was the Tucson, which Hyundai 2013 however only to authorities and other organizations sold. Since 2013, the company has been selling the ix35 Fuel Cell, which is expected to reach a fuel filling of 5.64 kg of hydrogen approximately 600 km.

    Fuel Cell SUV from Hyundai (Picture: Hyundai)
In addition, Hyundai plans to introduce an electro-version of the compact SUV Kona by mid-2018, which is to reach a range of 390 km. The Ioniq in the electroversion is also 2018 also an upgrade experienced and then also 390 km far come. Currently, the Ioniq's elec- trical version is about 280 km. According to a report from automobile production, the Kona as E-version is also to come to Germany.
The Federal Government wants to promote hydrogen cars in Germany with a million-strong program. By 2019 250 million euros are to be invested in technology. Among other things, research and development of the vehicles are to be promoted in order to make them more competitive. In addition, the petrol station network is to be expanded. In Germany it is currently only about 20 stations, which are not all publicly available.

Environmentalists criticize the fact that hydrogen is only environmentally friendly when the energy comes from renewable energies. Hydrogen can, for example, be obtained from water by electrolysis. A natural gas reformation is also possible along with various other methods. Researchers at Stanford University and the Technical University of Munich have shown the example of California that it is cheaper to reduce CO2 emissions with battery-electric cars than with fuel-cell vehicles.
Toyota also offers the Mirai a hydrogen car. The sedan with electric motor and fuel cell was launched in Japan on 15 December 2014 and is also available in European countries. Mirai costs around 80,000 euros in Germany. Its range is about 500 km. Mercedes, Ford and Nissan are also developing a new fuel cell drive train.


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