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Alternate PDF Reader: ZDI Needs Foxit to Patch Security Gaps

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

Two vulnerabilities reported to Foxit by the Zero Day Initiative in May and June 2017 in the same PDF file will be closed by the manufacturer. There is no immediate danger to users, if they do not deactivate Safe Reading Mode when using PDF files. However, if users disable the mode to use more advanced features of a PDF file, they risk running alien code.

It was precisely this safe mode that Foxit Software originally wanted to leave the Zero Day Initiative and did not fix the errors of the javascript engine. After the publication of the errors as well as a not very friendly blog entry, Foxit has changed however differently. The negative publicity had an effect. The Zero Day Initiative also mentioned in the blog post the fact that the faults in the Safe Mode can not be exploited, but pointed out that one is currently expecting that attackers can find no way to disable the attack mode.
There is no date yet, but the manufacturer wants to fix both errors in a future version of his PDF tools. Foxit also apologizes for the previous communication and assures that the mistakes are repaired promptly. In addition, Foxit also points out that the Zero Day Initiative is not going to leave safe mode for the time being. On his own websites or social media channels, however, we could not find such an indication, although he offers. Probably there is information in the security bulletin section only after the errors have been corrected.


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