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Alonso spits great tones: Ferrari would have been beatable!

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Sports

02. September 2017 – 8:55 pm

McLaren could not realize the potential in the rain today

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(cafetheology.org) – McLaren was somewhat less valuable in today's Formula One qualifying in Monza. Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso were the only runners-up in Italy today, after taking the top spot of the midfield yesterday – and on the power circuit. But today, in the rain, the result would have been much better. The drivers agree. Fernando Alonso spits big tones and believes that even Ferrari could have been defeated today. "We could have been fairly competitive in these conditions – maybe Top 5 or Top 6 if we were in Q3, "says the Spaniard confidently. But his chances of a good result were anyway already before the qualification: because of an engine change and 35 penalty places, he starts anyway.Therefore, he simply wanted to ensure that Teamkollege Stoffel Vandoorne comes far. "Our starting position will not change for tomorrow anyway, so we're the last one, so we did not want to use a tire set, nor could we use the full potential of the engine," he says about Q2. "We just drove a lap, and even the runners went for rank 13." "We also had to look where Stoffel was, because we did not want to be with the wrong car in Q3," he laughs. However, Vandoorne made it in Q3 and had the chance, even in rainy conditions, to reach Alonso's fifth or sixth place – he would not have let his car down again. Or rather the engine. "We had no real chance because we lost power," the Belgian quarreled. "This was not good for our performance." "We did not have a good lap," says Vandoorne, who was 3.6 seconds behind in Q3. "Normally this is the session where you try to find the right limit. You take a little extrarisiko and know the conditions exactly." Nevertheless, he speaks of a "good afternoon" and is given two places by the punishments of the two Red Bulls. If McLaren holds the place, there would be points in it – that is the goal. "If we are in the points at the end of the race, it would be the perfect weekend for us," Alonso nods, but knows that it could be difficult. Because the weather conditions look sunshine ahead, which does not meet McLaren-Honda. "We were very dry the whole weekend, so I am really optimistic," says Vandoorne, who have a good start and then keep up with the cars ahead of him would like to. Whether that succeeds is the other question. McLaren has once again set-up changes, but this could not be tested by the wet conditions today. "I'm expecting a tough race," says Alonso. "Even if we have the Pace, we need the speed on the straights to overtake. We do our best."


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