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Alonso: Monza asphalt does not correspond to Formula 1 standard

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

02. September 2017 – 21:37

Romain Grosjean dismantled his car, then the great wait began

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(cafetheology.org) – The two-hour suspension of the Formula One qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix on Saturday is the result of two main culprits: firstly, those responsible for the circuit in Monza, secondly the Haas pilot Romain Grosjean. The pilots agree that racing director Charlie Whiting and the FIA ​​had not made a big mistake by showing the red flag in Q1. The length of the break is mixed. The sharpest criticism of the track is played by Fernando Alonso: "Today only the start-and-finish track and the asphalt there were the problem," the McLaren pilot jolts. Finally, the rainwater stood on the spot. It did not drain and it did not dry off, while large parts of the course were again easily navigable after a short time. "If they had moved a new flooring a few weeks ago and ensured that it would be suitable even for heavier rain …", Alonso dismisses. A new asphalt pavement was only available on the start and finish line and in the box exit – as a matter of fact. It is apparently so smooth that it remains wet in the rain forever. "The rain was not so strong, but the course was not prepared for it," Alonso points out. Mercedes man Lewis Hamilton mentions that in this situation, a fan known from the US racing sport would not have helped: "The man with the hair dryer would have walked 100 meters and the water would have been there again where it had been before "says Hamilton. He mentions as the only pilot difficult passages at the exit of the Curva Grande and the Ascari chicane, while Valtteri Bottas disagrees and Alonso agrees:" The track was okay – apart from standing water on the start and finish line. " Ferrari star Sebastian Vettel is surprised, but he does not explicitly mention the new asphalt: "A couple of years ago, we were able to ride on the conditions, but we did not have any problems with aquaplaning." Pascal Wehrlein believes that the qualification also with the standing Water could have been traversed – if it had not been the Harakiri maneuver of Grozjean, who had not been cautious with his engineer, crashed and worried about the start of the interruption: "In the first lap I did not drive full-throttle on the straight "I've blown because I wanted to know how the track is," says the German in the direction of his Haas competitor. "But if I give everything in the first round, I have chosen a more secure approach." Bottas agrees: "Without Romain's accident, it might have been the normal schedule." No pilot criticized the fact that it did not happen. Renault driver Nico Hülkenberg found the interruption to be "alright", although a little too long: "It was difficult in the first hour, but risky, and it was safer to wait." There is also no criticism of Pirelli because the full-bodied tires worked better than in the past: "The tires were not the problem today, and the situation has normalized this year," Alonso says.


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