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Alibaba allows autocomming at the machine

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Gadgets

Autokaufen as easy as pulling a bottle of cola? Alibaba wants to introduce exactly this with an automat for autokauf.

          That China is not a developing country in terms of e-commerce, but now also pioneer, again shows the e-commerce platform Tmall of Alibaba. While it is common in the USA and Europe to go to the car house at least one or two times, to make a test drive, to discuss the equipment of the car and then to negotiate hard with the car dealer, Machine. Tmall plans to launch auto-vending machines later this year, as Alizila reports. Already there should be a similar machine in Singapore. The customer can choose his car from a kind of giant automaton, filled with cars. Great wishes and thousands of equipment variants are probably not there. Instead, you can only select what is in stock and "buy". When Alibaba's credit report gives the green light, a down payment is due – ten percent are normally. The rest stutter the Chinese over monthly rates. If everything is regulated via a digital screen, an automatic system pulls the car out of the parking space in the automatic machine and puts it at the customer's feet. Overall, the purchase should not take five minutes.Alibaba has also experimented in the past with various online sales models for the automotive industry. Last year, Maserati sold 100 cars in 18 seconds during a flash sale on Tmall to celebrate the opening of its flagship store on the B2C platform. The Italian luxury brand Alfa Romeo followed with its own flash sale last March and sold 350 Giulia Milano cars in 33 seconds.Luxury brands expand online in China to reach the prosperous and digitally active consumers. The car industry is fond of avoiding the stationary car dealerships, since these are striving to drive Chinese weighers in particular. Today, China is the world's largest automobile market. By 2020, it is also to become the top market for luxury vehicles. This article first appeared on t3n.de
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