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Alexander Gauland would co-ordinate with the FDP

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | World News

AfD top candidate Alexander Gauland may present a collaboration with the FDP at a time rather than an alliance with the Union. Asked who his "favorite coalition partner" is, said AfD top candidate Alexander Gauland, "if it must be, the FDP".

However, neither Union nor FDP want to work with the right party. When asked how he was a basic unconditional income, he replied in conversation with a dpa reporter that this was "debatable, without my opinion."

Gauland answered question about minimum wage wrong
In the case of unconditional basic income, all citizens are guaranteed a state-funded income – without obligation to work or other compensation. Other state payments such as the unemployment benefit or the child allowance do not apply.

At the request to complete the sentence "A reasonable minimum wage per hour is ….", Gauland said: "We have ten now, that can increase naturally if we have inflation." The statutory minimum wage currently lies at 8.84 euros per hour.


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