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Alexander Gauland defends himself at "Hart but fair"

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | World News

AfD politician Gauland defends his attack on the SPD politician Aydan Özoguz in "Hart but fair". The actual subject of the show almost goes down.

The guests:
Norbert Röttgen (CDU, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs) Jürgen Trittin (Alliance 90 / The Greens, Bundestag deputy, member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs) Alexander Gauland (AFP) ) Julie-Christin Göths (political scientist from Aachen) The theme:
"Hart but fair" has collected questions from citizens. At the start of the series on the Bundestag election campaign, the focus was on German foreign policy. Specifically, four questions were raised:

Spectator Ramona Frank wanted to know: How can you get a man like US President Trump under control? A German Army soldier wanted to know: Why does the Federal Government not stick to the NATO goal of spending two percent of the gross domestic product for the military? Bodo Panitzki was keen on the German-Russian relationship , His question: "How do you get Putin back into the boat?" A citizen asked in the face of the humanitarian drama of the refugees: "What do you do to prevent people from dying in the Mediterranean?" But first of all it was necessary to clarify a daily question : Talk guest Gauland had harshly attacked the integration commissioner of the federal government, Aydan Özoguz, and thus caused indignation throughout the party.

 According to his statement'oezoguz in Anatolia "want to" dispose of ", Afd-top candidate Gauland has slept well. #hartaberfair #DasFirst pic.twitter.com/QJ3iOcee1D- hard but fair (@hartaberfair) August 28, 2017
"Put them into the calibration field, and then tell them what specific German culture is," Gauland said at an election campaign. "After that she will never come here again, and we will be able to dispose of her in Anatolia, thank God."

Excitement of the evening:
He came at the beginning, when it came to the said utterances of Gauland. Röttgen called her "disgusting", Ruck was "horrified". The first association, when one hears the word "dispose", is "rubbish," said Röttgen. Such words could act as "political arsonists" and turn into real violence on the street.

Gauland said that the SPD deputy Johannes Kahrs said a few years ago that they wanted to "dispose Merkel". To this extent, he considered Plasberg's question of whether an apology was due, for a rhetorical: "I do not have to apologize to Ms Özoguz." He saw a possible complaint from the public prosecutor. Rather, he criticized the satire program "extra3", which the AfD politician Alice Weidel had described as a "Nazi bitch" – in response to her statement that "political correctness belongs to the garbage heap of history". "On the other hand, 'disposal' is a harmless word."

The front curve:
What to do with Trump? For Merkel, Merkel offered the US President a pretty good start at the beginning. Now, however, it was time to take a harsher course. "We can not afford to go to the United States," he said, "but it's not a good idea," he said. "We should avoid trumpeting behind Trump." This meant the demand for military expenditures in the amount Of two percent of the gross domestic product.

To strive to achieve this is not a goal of student Göths, the development cooperation was much more important. Ruck agreed: "With such military expenditures, the republic would be a country" armed to the teeth "which scares the rest of Europe. Trittin also agreed: "The US is ten times more defensive than Russia, Europe three times as much." Even if one had to invest in the "air transport capacity of the Bundeswehr", the federal government should rather pay attention to the self-made obligation to spend 0.7 per cent of GDP on development cooperation. Röttgen demanded both military rearmament and development aid. How this is to be financed, however, he did not, on request, Trittins and Plasbergs.

The topic of Russia was only briefly discussed. Here the opinions of Gauland's broad understanding ("We must live with Russia, what is there"), which emphasized the agreement between NATO and Russia, stressed that NATO was not going further east. On the other hand, Röttgen warns against "nationalism and militarism". On the other hand, one had to proceed.

"A humanitarian disaster" is the situation on the Mediterranean Sea, says JTrittin. Responsible for the state #hartaberfai @TheFirstPre.twitter.com/AoVJR9ji6Z- hard but fair (@hartaberfair) August 28, 2017
Regarding the issue of refugees, Trittin swung almost to a furious tale: almost half of all people were currently rescued by private helpers in the Mediterranean. "This is a humanitarian disaster." The Libyan coast guard was, in truth, a "militia", which is also supplied with weapons and which bring people back to camps that are "similar to the concentration camp". Röttgen was also "indignant" about the situation, but was honest enough to admit that he had "no simple solution". That was not enough for Göths: "Actions must follow the indignation." For this she received applause, as in many other places.

Ten minutes remained to clarify whether the German government could be extorted by Erdogan because he could at any time terminate the refugee agreement. This is clearly not the case for Röttgen: "The agreement serves both interests." When Trittin encouraged a travel warning for Turkey and entrusted to the SPD Foreign Minister Gabriel Feigheit, Röttgen was right. Then the election campaign flashed. But why Germany is selling Turkey licenses for an armored factory, he did not really want to explain. Instead, the CDU politician demanded the halt of the accession negotiations – which are already a "farce", as he himself admitted.

What's left:
It was a factual, interesting discussion with the right questions. At the same time, it was a symbol for the election campaign: CDU man Röttgen stood stately, the opposition man Trittin was all too often in part of his opinion and let himself seem lull. There was the Afd again in the form of Gauland once again a laughing third. For one thing became clear again: with steep, provocative theses and insults one generates attention. And that night Gauland got plenty again.


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