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Aldebaran Robotics: Robot Pepper to appear at funerals in Japan

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Gadgets

So far, Pepper is known as a cheerful journeyman. The humanoid robot welcomes visitors in the exhibition space of the robot manufacturer Aldebaran in Paris or on cruise ships. The Japanese company Nissei Eco wants to use the robot on less cheerful occasions: in funerals.

Pepper is said to recite Buddhist sutras and sing mantras at the ceremony. He is wearing the robe of a monk. Nissei programmed the robot to master the most important sutras of four great Buddhist sects in Japan.
Pepper can stream the ceremony
The humanoid robot Pepper from the French manufacturer Aldebaran Robotics is 1.2 meters tall and runs on three wheels. It is designed to communicate with and interact with people. In front of his chest, he wears a display on which he usually displays information for his human interlocutors. But the verses that he is currently writing can also be displayed. Since the robot has WLAN, he can also transmit the ceremony as a stream over the Internet, so that relatives who can not be there can still participate.

The goal is to save money: The services of the robot are to cost 50,000 yen, calculated about 390 euros. This is significantly less than what a Buddhist priest normally gets, reports the daily Japan Times. Japanese burial ceremonies are very expensive. Traditionally, community members of the mourning family have helped with donations. However, this is less and less the case, which is why companies are looking for technical solutions.

A robot blesses
The Japanese Buddhists are not the first to use robots for religious purposes. During the World Exposition of the Reformation in Wittenberg, the robot Bless U donated blessings.

Nissei Eco is actually a plastic injection molding company. Since 2000, the company has also been active in the funeral industry. The company is presently presenting the robot at the trade fair "Ending Industry Exhibition 2017" in Tokyo.


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