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Air Berlin – What does Air Berlin want? | News

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Economy

The Creditors' Committee meets on 21 September, final decisions will then fall on 25 September. At present, Air Berlin is only able to fly more than 150 million euros thanks to a state loan. Because of decreasing bookings and renewing customers, the time is pressing to find new owners quickly. The following is an overview of prospective customers:
The German branch prince has lifted the finger early on for large parts of Air Berlin. Already since spring – and thus far before the insolvency – there are talks with the Berliners. Lufthansa is also regarded as the favorite of the policy, which critically criticizes competitors such as Irish Ryanair. According to insiders, Lufthansa will offer 70 to 90 machines. This includes the 38 aircraft Lufthansa has rented from Air Berlin for its low-cost subsidiary Eurowings and Austrian Airlines. Lufthansa is particularly attractive in terms of start-up and lander rights in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Mallorca. In a first concept, the largest German airline had submitted a bid for a low three-digit million euro sum for the Air Berlin subsidiary Niki and other aircraft in August.
The British low-cost airline line is covered to the outside. Easyjet closes its base in Hamburg in 2018 and obviously wants to concentrate on Berlin. According to insiders, Easyjet could be interested in several dozen aircraft.
British Airways also does not officially comment on the interest in Air Berlin. However, according to industry experts and analysts, the British Airways mother IAG, together with Lufthansa, belongs to those airlines in Europe who are most likely to take a major takeover.
The daughter of travel company Thomas Cook confirms that together with Condor it is ready to play an active role in the restructuring of Air Berlin and its subsidiary Niki. The entrepreneur Niki Lauda wants to offer, in his own words, together with Thomas Cook and Condor "around the 100 million" Euro for parts of Air Berlin. Two insiders from the area of ​​Condor said, however, that they have not yet submitted a joint offer. A Lauda spokeswoman stressed on Friday: "There will definitely be a joint offer by Niki Lauda and Thomas Cook, the amount of the offer is still unclear."
The former Formula 1 world champion is interested in the takeover of the Air Berlin subsidiary Niki, which he founded, and on other aircraft. Lauda wants to hold a consortium with Thomas Cook and Condor 51 percent of the shares. Targeted tourist destinations – especially on short and medium-haul routes.
The entrepreneur offers up to half a billion euros for Air Berlin. His company Intro wants to take over the insolvent airline together with investors or together with other airlines. A first installment of 50 million euros would be due on the day of the takeover, but further tranches of up to 450 million euros make Wöhrl dependent on the result. Critics therefore consider his offer for a cheat pack. The entrepreneur has not looked at the current figures of Air Berlin in the data room, but has already submitted his offer.
The operator company of the Parchim airport in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Link Global Logistics, is considering an offer for Air Berlin according to insiders. The Chinese entrepreneur Jonathan Pang would test a cooperation of his logistics company with the airline during a successful takeover. Air Berlin flights could also be relocated to Parchim. Pang bought the former military airport in Parchim in 2007, some 160 kilometers northwest of Berlin. EU law, however, provides that the majority of the ownership and control of the airline is held by Europeans.
The Berlin-based logistics company takes a closer look at Air Berlin's figures. Lufthansa's Managing Director Wolfram Simon does not reveal how an offer of time freight with its approximately 800 employees for the airline with 8000 employees could look like. He sees above all growth opportunities in the freight division. Cooperations are to be explored for the passenger area.
The former energy top manager is also interested in a media report for Air Berlin. Officially, however, he does not want to comment on this. The "Handelsblatt" reported that Claassen had presented a 17-page "offer for the complete takeover and expansive rehabilitation of Air Berlin". According to this, the manager offered a purchase price of 100 million euros and wanted to provide additional liquidity of up to 600 million euros. He does not name the names of the investors involved in the US, UK, Singapore and Germany. Claassen promised to take over the entire workforce "with the proviso of appropriate competitive remuneration structures".


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