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Air at clean becomes thin: Wehrlein starts negotiations

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Sports

24. August 2017 – 17:04

It is tight: Pascal Wehrlein and Marcus Ericsson are driving their future

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(cafetheology.org) – With the end of the summer break in Formula 1 the title fight is slowly approaching its hot phase, the "silly season" has already reached this. Several contracts have already been extended, the number of available cockpits will be reduced. Especially for the Sauber pilots Pascal Wehrlein and Marcus Ericsson, the air is thin: After the new Teamchef Frederic Vasseur is looking for a quick approach to Ferrari, a Mercedes Junior and a payer do not really fit into the picture. The Reds have with Antonio Giovinazzi And Charles Leclerc are two hot talents under their wings, which they would like to bring in Formula One. And against a huge Ferrari estate on the engines are Ericssons million or a nice dowry of Mercedes for Wehrlein suddenly not worth as much as still at Kaltenborn times. Both drivers therefore know that they have to look elsewhere. "It's going to happen," says Wehrlein with a view to contract negotiations for the Formula 1 season 2018. "For Ferrari it makes sense, because they have two good young riders "We know he's in a stronger position than Ericsson. "Of course every race is important," he says. "But it is not that a good or a weak race is changing from black to white, the first half of the season is rum and you see the results, but a highlight would be a nice bonus, of course, but we have already raced a few races. " A not entirely unselfish statement. He has won five World Cup points for Sauber To the Formula 1 total, while the Swede is still at zero. In the qualifying duel it is 7: 2 for the Germans.Ericsson does not want to be left alone: ​​"If you look only at the stats, it is stronger, but if you look more closely, you will see that it has been fairly tight between us But the qualifying sessions were often only a few hundredths of a second, but somehow it was always a few hundredths ahead, so I'm working hard to find those last seconds, so it looks the other way around in the second half of the year I think I've been quite good against him. " He adds that he is relying entirely on his management in terms of Formula 1 2018. And so both are facing a hard fight in the second half of the season. At least one of them will probably have to leave Formula One, Ferrari should be serious with Giovinazzi and Leclerc. With the new underbody, both have gotten even better equipment, unfortunately at the wrong time. In Sauber and Monza, Sauber will probably only be back with the Ferrari's previous year's engine.


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