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Against: Google wants to participate in Lyft

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

Alphabet is testing a billion-dollar stake in the over-competitor Lyft. This is reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing informed circles. The news agency Bloomberg also reported on the possible investment. Lyft is a service like Uber, but only active in the USA.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it is not clear when the talks took place or whether an agreement had been reached, and it was not possible to figure out which area of ​​the alphabet would come from the investment. According to Bloomberg, the money could flow directly from Google or the financial investor party CapitalG.
Alpha has already invested in Uber with its venture capital GV, which invested 258 million US dollars in 2013 in the car service. The relationship worsened over the years when Uber and Google began to compete in the development of autonomous cars. Alphabet-top manager David Drummond left last year, citing the increasing competition between the two companies over the board of directors.
Lyft is a much smaller second
Lyft has recently been valued at approximately $ 7.5 billion and has received some $ 2.6 billion from investors, including venture companies such as Andreessen Horowitz and companies such as General Motors and Alibaba. Uber was most recently estimated by investors at 68 billion US dollars.
Waymo, Alphabets Research project on autonomous driving, has been cooperating with Lyft since May 2017. Waymo has been struggling with Uber since the beginning of the year and wants to ban the company's autonomous driving. Uber is to illegally use technology developed by Google. A former employee is said to have taken the technology with him. Refute the accusations.


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