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After the explosions in a flooded chemical plant, the disaster protection agency Fema now classifies the smoke swabs from organic peroxide as "safe."

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | World News

The authorities asked 200 residents, within a radius of three kilometers, of the chemical plant in Crosby for evacuation. Richard Rennard from the operating company Arkema called the smoke "harmful". However, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) did not see any signs of a dangerous level of released toxic substances. The smoke bats are made of organic peroxide, which is used for medicament and building materials production, the authorities now confirm.

The chemical plant about 40 kilometers north of Houston is under water as a result of the storm "Harvey". In the night to Thursday there were two explosions, since then smoke winds from the plant.

The operator Arkema had previously informed that he wanted to "burn out" the fire in the plant. Because of the fact that dangerous substances are stored in many places in the plant, the risk of further explosions exists. The petrochemical plant in Pasadena (Texas) is flooded because of the high water. (Source: Brett Coomer / Houston Chronicle / AP / dpa)

Within a radius of about 2.5 kilometers, residents of the facility were taken to safety as a precaution. The factory workers had also left the plant before the explosions.

 The 45-year-old John Villareal, whose house is about one and a half kilometers from the chemical plant, said, however, that he and many of his neighbors had not left their houses because the authorities had given "no clear instructions". He would rather stay on the ground to help older neighbors in an emergency.

33 dead by hurricane
While in rural areas of Texas and on the Gulf Coast the situation was still tense, the floods in the metropolis of Houston went back in the meantime. This allowed the emergency personnel to access a vehicle in which the bodies of a couple and their four great-grandchildren were between six and sixteen years old.

"Our worst fears have come true," said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. The authorities in the Houston metropolitan area totaled at least 33 deaths related to storm "Harvey". Pope Francis declared in Rome "deeply moved by the tragic losses." In the Texas city of Port Arthur near the border with Louisiana, "Harvey" brought new rain masses. (Source: Kim Brent / The Beaumont Enterprise / dpa)

"Harvey" was hit for the first time in Texas last Friday. More than 30,000 people were accommodated in emergency accommodation. On Thursday, US Vice President Mike Pence wanted to speak with Sturmopfern. US President Donald Trump had avoided this during his visit to the disaster area on Tuesday due to the tense situation.

Reconstruction is a huge cost
Pences' visit is also likely to be the cost of the disaster. The Texas governor Greg Abbott said Wednesday that Harvey was much worse off than the devastating Hurricane Katrina in 2005. According to his remarks, "Katrina" is more than 125 billion dollars ( 105 billion euros) in reconstruction. Now it is expected to be significantly more expensive.

The Karlsruher Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology (CEDIM) estimated storm damage in Texas at 58 billion dollars. The risk analysis company RMS even exhausted costs of up to 90 billion dollars. Due to the ongoing floods, an exact damage sum can not yet be estimated. Anti-skidding soldiers and helpers assist in the evacuation of a nursing home in Orange (US state of Louisiana). (Source: Greg Stevens / Planet Pix via ZUMA Wire / dpa)

In Houston some subways run again
Houston's mayor Sylvester Turner said he hoped "the city of Houston will soon be like this again." He announced that in some areas the garbage collection system was being used again, and some subway lines again went into operation.

After moving out into the sea, "Harvey" caused flooding in the state of Louisiana since Wednesday. The city of New Orleans, which had been heavily devastated by "Katrina", however, received little rain.


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