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After the attack in Charlottesville: Nazis out – but only from PR reasons

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Gadgets

After the terrorist attack of a neo – Nazis in the USA, where a peaceful participant in a demonstration against the march of different right groups was killed in Charlottesville, Virginia, several provider operators of right – hand services have terminated the contracts – from Cloudflare to Go Daddy to the Bedsportal Airbnb. The approach of the service providers is understandable and correct for many observers – and yet, given the reasons given by the operators, the impression is that they are purely PR measures and do not result from an inner conviction. The approach also raises the question: Does freedom of expression mean the right to get a domain hosted?

It is true that even tech companies like Airbnb and Uber, as well as domain hoster like Go Daddy, can not do anything against structural racism in a society. However, in many cases, their policies on dealing with racism could be much clearer, thus enabling a well-founded, coherent decision which also provides legal certainty. And appropriate decisions should not be made only on public pressure, but from an internal conviction of the companies themselves.
One of the first companies to respond to the events in Charlottesville was the domain host Go Daddy. Already during the protests against the copyright projects Acta, Sopa and Pipa, Go Daddy had explicitly positioned itself politically. After the attack and several critical customer and citizen requests about social media, the service had announced that the right-hand publication Daily Stormer "was given 24 hours to find a new host for the domain." Why is the company only active at this time, although the right-wing content of the Daily Stormer has long been clearly obscure against the usage conditions is unclear.

Go Daddy forbids calls to terrorism and violence
In the very extensive contract between Go Daddy and site users, it is relatively early in the year that no services are allowed to be spread over the domains of the provider, which are "illegal, or encourage illegal activities" or "terrorism as well as violence against humans, animals And call, promote or encourage them ". The name of the website, which is based on the national socialist propaganda of the striker and the slogan "preparation for the racial war since 2013" leaves no doubt at all the intentions of the website operator Andrew Anglin. The site also had the regular section "The Jewish Problem", in which obvious false notices about allegedly Jewish conspiracies were spread.
The decision of Go Daddy to drop the site, therefore, is in accordance with the terms and conditions and is purely to the law can not be objected. The question remains: Why at this time and not much earlier?


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