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After retirement, Williams sets a new philosophy in 2018

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Sports

30. August 2017 – 11:21

Claire Williams and Paddy Lowe: Both know they can not go on

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(cafetheology.org) – Williams plans a new start for 2018. "" We will make a few fundamental changes to the new car and change our philosophy in some areas, "said Paddy Lowe, an ex-Mercedes-driven technology leader before the current season." We've been working on it for a while. " But it will be necessary for the team to finish the season down the middle of the field after a promising start to the season.Since the starlight hour of Baku, where Lance Stroll became a great third, Williams survived only once again through Felipe Massa Q1.If the strong performance of Azerbaijan shows, Where the problems lie with the team: where the long straights and the tight corners are just a small air drag, wherever there is downforce and aerodynamic efficiency, Williams is a part. " Not right, "confirmed Stroll, apparently, Williams has been completely wrong in the updates:" Felipe came to the start of the season always in Q3, was a In the squares six to eight. In Barcelona the problems have begun. "Pilots complain: Since Barcelona no progress!

Williams marshaled in some races, even with a few teammates


Even the experienced Brazilian does not shed any criticism: "We're just too slow, and that shows that we are not developing our car in the right direction compared to others." Is the correlation between the wind tunnel and the track not right, and does Williams really lead rckwrts since Barcelona? "Yes, but I'm not quite sure if we'd be quicker with the car from Barcelona, ​​which did not have these updates yet. We did not quite understand what's happening here." Stroll sees this similarly: "I do not believe that The car has gotten worse, I think everyone else has improved significantly. " As a reason for the problem, Massa clearly makes the aerodynamics of the Boliden responsible. But what are the plans of the new technical guru Lowe to paddle the rudder at Williams? Paddy Lowe: Is there a basic problem? The South African born in South Africa wants first to understand whether the direct competitors in the middle have simply developed better or whether it is Basic problem with the car. "There are still a few things we need to understand," he says. However, he does not want to confirm the fact that the wind tunnel does provide false data: "Normally, the things we do in the wind tunnel are also on the line." This topic does not concern us. " To 2018. "We still have to work with the current parts, because the findings with the current car are often used in the new car." The key to better results is efficiency. There he currently sees the weakness of his racing team.


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