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After Orkan "Sebastian" threaten the next storm

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | World News

Orkantief "Sebastian" has demanded at least two death sacrifices. One man was slain by a tree, another by a scaffolding, which were overthrown by the storms. On Thursday morning commuters in the north get the consequences of the storm still felt. In the south-west, the German Weather Service expects the next storms.

In the morning hours, floods, flooding and landslides could occur in southern Hesse, parts of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland. According to data provided by the Deutsche Bahn, four routes are still blocked in the north, and only a few individual tracks can be driven.

Wind speeds up to 150 km / h
Orkantief "Sebastian" had pulled on Wednesday with wind speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour over Germany. A few trees were uprooted, scaffolds were thrown over. In the Hochsauerlandkreis a 20-meter high spruce fell on a 53-year-old man who was mortally injured. In Hamburg, a man was hit by an overturned scaffolding and died. In the late Wednesday evening, a storm storm flooded the fish market in the district of St. Pauli.

A crashed scaffolding buried a passers-by in the center of Hamburg on Wednesday and killed him deadly. (Source: Christian Charisius / dpa)

The train and the private provider metronome also counted on Thursday with delays in many connections. The routes Hamburg-Flensburg (RE7), Kiel-Husum (RE74), Kiel-Rendsburg (RB75) and Lübeck-Puttgarden (RB85) were initially blocked.

 Delays also in long-distance traffic
There were also bottlenecks in the morning on the Bremen-Oldenburg and Bremen-Norddeich routes, a spokesman told the railways. Since, in the vicinity of Delmenhorst, not all the railways were navigable, there were also delays in long-distance traffic. Also connections from and to Rostock were affected by the storm sequences. On Wednesday evening, the operator Metronom announced that no train traffic between Hamburg and Stade as well as between Stade and Cuxhaven is possible. On the other routes, delays are expected.

A firefighter commutes a fallen tree with a chainsaw in Ebstorf (Lower Saxony). (Source: Philipp Schulze / dpa)

"Sebastian" in the Hansestadt also brought restrictions on the subway and suburban rail traffic. In Berlin the fire on Wednesday afternoon called for the exception because of the many weather-related operations for barely two hours.

Technical Relief Service provided stranded rail passengers
There were also some fire service missions in East Frisia and in Bremen. At the North Sea many ferry connections were canceled. Previously "Sebastian" had already reached the Netherlands. At the Amsterdam-Schiphol airport, temporary take-off and landing lanes were closed.

According to the railway, the train employed hundreds of employees to eliminate storm damage. Thus trees had to be cleared from the tracks and damaged overhead lines had to be repaired. For rail passengers the train provided hotel trains in the stations of Bremen, Dortmund, Hamburg and Hannover. There, travelers could stay overnight. The technical aid organization had organized blankets, a railway speaker said. In addition, the travelers were supplied with soups and drinks.


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