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After complaints: does it need a faster safety car?

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Sports

06. September 2017 – 15:39

Especially Lewis Hamilton bte last time criticism of the safety car pace

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(cafetheology.org) – The problem is as old as the safety car in Formula 1 itself. But this season one has the impression: The drivers complain about boxing radio much more about the fact that Bernd Maylnder controlled pacemaker- Vehicle does not drive the desired speed. "Why is he so slow?" Lewis Hamilton scolded at Spa. And even in Baku, the British did not like the pace. But in both cases, was the Mercedes driver simply freeing himself of his frustration over the shrunken lead, or does Formula One even need a new, faster safety car? Maylnder does not take the criticism at all personally. "I can understand this from the driver's perspective," says the man who steered the pace-driven vehicle since the year 2000, in conversation with 'cafetheology.org'. He, too, had made "no pleasures of joy" in Hamilton's position. "There is a saying that is quite normal." However, according to the 46-year-old, there are clear reasons why he did not have a high pace in Spa and Baku. "I had the instruction to drive a bit slower to get the field back together faster so I could work on the track for a long time," explains Maylnder, who is always connected with the racing director Charlie Whiting and FIA security chief Laurent Mekies is. "It was exactly the same topic in Baku." A compact field is advantageous in this case, "because the hole between the last and the first vehicle is thereby larger". Critic of Safety Car use in Spa: Why it was necessary, he was "on the straight line not always up to the "We had a one-and-a-half lap, until the field was compact behind me." As a reminder, after the Force India stall collision, many wreckage parts were on the line at this time. Hamilton was unaware of why a virtual safety car phase had been the better solution: "They were hardly seen, but they wanted to see a race."

Bernd Maylnder receives his instructions directly from Race Director Charlie Whiting

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But Daniil Kwjat confirms: "There were a lot of trouble – and a quick passage too. If you get a tire damage before Eau Rouge, that is not good." The use of the safety car was therefore sensible. However, not only Hamilton, but also his team colleague Valtteri Bottas, is complaining about the speed. "For me this has been very slow," says the Finn, who was on the hardest tire mixture at the time and did not bring it up to temperature at all. "The tires do not work at all, and I believe that every driver would like the safety car to be faster, but it could be slower in the passages where there was an incident "Why the discomfort this season is increasingInterestant: Unlike Bottas, who had problems all weekend, Hamilton managed to keep the tires to temperature. "The Formula 1 has become much faster in the curve, which is why drivers are now slower in their safety car." Bernd Maylnder "This is the first time that the driver has been racing is also due to the fact that the Formula 1 cars have become significantly faster in the curve ", Maylnder also points the problem back to the new regulations. "On the straight, there's never any complaint when I drive my normal speed, it's all about the cornering speeds and the braking points, and the drivers now have the impression that they're driving the safety car at a slower pace that they are otherwise faster. " A Formula 1 driver feels it is "very slow if you run less than 150 km / h". If he does not get any other instructions, Maylnder always runs as fast as he can. "And even with the instruction I drive the maximum speed in the corners," he interjected. "In the Eau Rouge, my maximum speed is 160 to 170 km / h. It is slower on TV and drivers, but you can still keep your tires on temperature I would drive through the Eau Rouge at 120, then it would be pointless. "Why a pure-bred sports car is not in question And on the straight Maylnder reaches almost 300 km / h. "In Baku on the long straights, it is just 280", the former Porsche Cup and DTM driver, who is not shy about drifts in the current safety car, the Mercedes-Benz SLS, reveals. Would you use another safety car in the future? "It's one of the best Mercedess you can get," replies Hamilton. "It does not matter which road car you take – it will always be slower than our cars." "A safety car is supposed to brake the field and has a safety-relevant background." Bernd Maylnder And also Maylnder would critically see a purebred sports car as Safety car. "Because a racing car is not what we want as a safety car, a safety car is supposed to slow down the field," he argues. "If you have a racing car, you might be quick enough to make sure the drivers are not complaining, but there is a safety-relevant background when the safety car is sent to the track, and you may get slower "But despite the difficult issue, Maylnder is showing openly what changes are taking place in the current system. "The drivers can talk to me at the end of the race, either in the paddock or at the driver's briefing, so there is a good communication between the drivers, the race management and me can. "


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