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After Busungluck in Russia – number of death rises to 19

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | World News


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   Russia Number of deaths after Busunglück rises to 19

   28.08.2017, 12:46
   | Dpa – German Press Agency, dpa
     The bus crashed into the sea after the brakes had failed (source: imago)

In southern Russia, the number of deaths after a bus accident near the Crimean peninsula rose to 19. Many injured are still hospitalized.

The bus had crashed into the sea on Friday at the sea level of Kerch, against the Crimea, after the brakes had failed. The driver and an employee of the bus company were arrested for violation of the traffic regulations. On the bus were about 50 construction workers who came from their shift on a construction site of the oil company Tamaneftegas.


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