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After air-Berlin plebiscite – Ryanair's boss accuses Germany of abandoned game | News

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 | Economy

"This is a completely fake game," said O'Leary at the news agency Reuters. "It's just a matter of preventing Ryanair from growing further in Germany, but that will not stop us."
With the take-over of the number two among the German airlines Lufthansa could, according to its calculations, expand its market share on domestic flights to 95 out of 68 per cent, in total it would thus in Germany to 60 instead of 47 percent so far. "This would hurt any known cartel border in Germany and the EU," said O'Leary.
Air Berlin is negotiating with Lufthansa and the British Easyjet via a takeover of company shares. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology considers this to be unproblematic in terms of antitrust law. However, Ryanair has filed a complaint.
A chance to take over parts of Air Berlin, Ryanair does not pay off. The transaction will go too fast for this. Ryanair would only offer unattractive start and land slots (slots). "We will continue to grow, we are buying more and more airplanes, but we have trouble getting slots to be able to place more machines at airports like Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich."


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