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After accident: Max Biaggi swears off the motorcycle ride

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Sports

September 7, 2017 – 3:10 pm
In June, ex-MotoGP pilot Max Biaggi had a hard time – a return to the motorbike he concluded for the future: "Not even for fun!"

Recently, ex-racing driver Max Biaggi was active in the 2015 Superbike World Cup

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(cafetheology.org) – At the beginning of June this year, Max Biaggi suffered an accident that changed his life. At the Supermoto training session in Sagittario near Rome, the two-time Superbike world champion fell heavily and drew serious injuries in the chest and back areas. He spent 19 days in the hospital, 17 of them in the intensive care unit. Afterwards, the Italian admitted that he had almost died, and began to plan his life again. Even if the sport of motorsport is always an important part of his life, Biaggi concludes as a consequence of his accident, ever again on a motorcycle climb. This was revealed by the 46-year-old in conversation with the Italian magazine 'Oggi'. "Not even for fun," emphasizes Biaggi. "A part of my life has come to an end, motorcycles have given me pleasure and joy, but I will never forget the accident." He had to work hard to get well again. This is why he does not want to stress or risk his health in the future. Instead, the ex-MotoGP pilot and four-time 250-strong World Champion will devote himself intensively to the promotion of the next generation. He plans his own Moto3 team for the coming season. In the Italian and Spanish championship he already brought his own talents to the start this year.Biaggi himself entered the Motorcycle World Championship in 1991. 1994 celebrated his first of four World Championship titles in the racing series. In the 250-year class he was three times on Aprilia and once with Honda World Champion. Three times in the royal class was vice-champion. Legendary is still today his duel with MotoGP star Valentino Rossi. He wanted to make good progress on Twitter, as Rossi broke his calf and shinbone during the training session.


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