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AfD runs the most visible campaign

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | World News

Another four weeks until the Bundestag election and the race seems already decided. In the talk with Anne Will, the CDU and the SPD tried to dissipate this impression. Even coalition ideas were ubiquitous.

The guests:
Volker Kauder (CDU, Chairman of the Unionsfraktion in the Bundestag) Christian Oppner (SPD, Chairman of the Bundestag in the Bundestag) Christian Weiler (FDP, Federal President and Presidential Candidate)
The "Schulz-Zug" seems to have left the SPD without the top candidates. There is no trace of change, the surveys show Angela Merkel as the undisputed winner of the Bundestag election. To start a series Will wanted to know from their guests: Is the race really already decided?

  The front curve:
The election had been going on, Merkel was already the winner, Lindner had said publicly before the show. Oppermann, of course, looked differently: "The hot phase of the election campaign has just begun." Some 40 percent of voters had not yet decided.

Kauder agreed with his coalition colleague. "A lot can happen in five weeks." The two started an egg dance: On the one hand, both praised the jointly co-managed in the Grand Coalition, on the other hand, they tried to separate themselves from each other. It was especially funny when Kauder changed from "Mr Oppermann" to "Thomas" – whether verbal slip-up or calculation, be set.

 But first of all it was necessary to meet the AfD anyway, because, according to Will, quite clearly, makes the most visible election campaign by far. Was Weel's seriousness when she called Merkel an "extremist chancellor"? After an initial dodge she got a clear "Yes, I stand by!" To answer.

100 million euros had been released for the fight against right. "Left-wing extremist organizations, which have laid half of the city in rubbish in Hamburg, are indirectly financed by this." Kauder went far too far: With such formulations, the AfD clearly stands outside what we as democratic parties in the Bundestag describe."

Lindner also wedged against the Afd, which "placed very strongly on rhetorical escalation and taboos," but then only "fight against each other to the knife." But the FDP man also came to terms with fugitive policy: "When Macron proposed to take a joint initiative to close the Mediterranean route, I wondered why Germany did not adopt this offer offensively."

For Kauder, that was at the SPD, which did not want that. "That is why it would be good if we had a coalition partner with whom we can do that after the election." The moderator did not miss the fact that he was looking at Lindner. Was that the FDP was a wish coalition partner? The FDP is one of several possible partners, said Kauder. "The SPD said she did not want any more, so I look to Mr. Lindner." He also let sympathy see through, but wanted expressly no loan voices from CDU voters.

Thomas Oppermann, Volker Kauder (CDU), presenter Anne Will, Alice Weidel (AfD) and Christian Lindner (FDP) on the TV show "Anne Will". (Source: Wolfgang Borrs / NDR / dpa)

Excitement of the evening:
The topic of diesel scandals was a passionate one. Here opinions differed widely: While Lindner demanded compensation for diesel customers as in the USA and the assignment of the shareholder rights of the Land of Lower Saxony to experts who act on behalf of the policy at VW, Weidel even demanded a driving guarantee for diesel cars Until 2050. Oppermann defended the ownership of the shares, which finally also helped to get locations in Germany.

For Kauder, Minister President of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil (SPD), was too squeamish as a member of the Supervisory Board: "Who says there are 20 billion in the US, and there is nothing in our country, since Mr. Weil should have asked Boss of VW. "Why Merkel did not personally take care of the matter, Will wanted to know. "You can not tell the car industry, you have to do it." A poor argument, but Oppermann did not attack the open flank.

What's left:
The election campaign continues to sleep – unfortunately also with Anne Will. The presenter tried to tickle opposites from her guests. But either the opposition in the form of Lindner and Weidel were mutually opposing each other, or the collegiality of Kauder and Oppermann cut too many corners. Oppermann took up many interesting projects of the SPD: a 5-point plan for the solution of the refugee crisis, the abolition of unconditional limitations, investment in education.

But Kauder succeeded – despite Merkel's manner – with his quiet style and many changes of themes, always to keep the calm. The fact that Oppermann was so lulled by it was surprising. Almost every fifth child is poor, age poverty grows and the first generation grows with less money and worse prospects than their parents. Whoever wants to lead an election campaign that revolves around justice must lead these facts. Perhaps the SPD will still learn how campaigning – next time with Anne Will, the Greens and the Linkspartei.


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