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Aeromobile: The car lifts off

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Gadgets

It runs, it flies and it can be ordered: The Slovakian company Aeromobil has built a series-ready flight car. If it is certified, it comes into the market in two years. Aeromobil presents the flight car at the International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt.

Aeromobil, the Slovak company Aeromobil, is calling its hybrid of passenger cars and small aircraft. As a car it is 5.9 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 1.5 meters high and runs normal on the road. The drive is electric, the two engines with a total of 80 kilowatts sit on the front axle and can accelerate the vehicle in less than 10 seconds from the stand to 160 kilometers an hour.
The wings automatically move out
In order to make an airplane from the vehicle, the wings are extended – the span is then 8.8 meters – and the propeller is unfolded. The former works automatically, the latter must be done by the driver / pilot by hand. The guidelines require that the pilot go around a small aircraft for checks. This ensures that he fulfills this task.

    A flying car, a moving plane? The Aeromobil 4.0 at the IAA 2017 (Photo: Martin Wolf / Golem.de)

It takes three minutes to get from one mode to the other, says Aeromobil chief engineer Simon Bendrey in conversation with Golem.de. Start from an airfield. For this, the flight had to register 15 minutes before the start with the air supervision. This can be done by the driver on the way on the phone. On the ground, there is enough time to transform the car into flight mode.

The propeller is driven by a combustion engine
According to Bendrey, the aeromobile is ready to go when permission is granted. Powered by a 4-cylinder internal combustion engine with turbocharger and a power of 300 hp, the Aeromobil has been discontinued. The journey speed is 260 kilometers per hour, the maximum speed is 360 kilometers per hour. The maximum takeoff weight is 960 kilograms, the flight distance about 750 kilometers.
It would be practical to start directly from the road, for example, to fly over a traffic jam. This is not allowed. "According to the current legislation, we can only start from an airfield," says Bendrey. But there is enough of this: alone in the vicinity of Frankfurt, there are 40, the International Airport not registered. "Instead of queuing up in a queue at a large airport, you can go to a small airport or a gras track and fly from there."
The flight is in accordance with applicable law
The idea of ​​Aeromobil was to create a new way of transporting the future, using a vehicle that meets the current regulations. "We do not need new rules," says Bendrey. "It complies with current traffic and air traffic rules." In order to use the Aeromobile, the driver's license and a private pilot license are sufficient.

The version 4.0 of the flying car has not yet been flown – unlike the prototype Aeromobil 3.0. The company wanted to demonstrate that the concept of a hybrid of car and aircraft is feasible. This has worked, but not always convincingly: in 2015 the prototype crashed, the pilot could save himself with the parachute.
The first flight of the Aeromobil 4.0 is planned shortly. The aircraft must then be certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (Easa) and the traffic authorities. According to Bendrey, this will take about two years. However, the company seems to be certain that the authorities are taking the Aeromobile. It can already be pre-ordered. It is not cheap: it should cost 1.2 million euros and be built in a small series of 500 pieces.


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