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Adware: Lenovo pays millions for Superfish

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

Lenovo has reached an agreement with several US states in the dispute over the controversial Superfish adware. The Laptophersteller will pay a fine of $ 3.5 million to 32 US states. In addition, Lenovo needs to meet some requirements in the future.

In 2015, it was announced that some Lenovo laptops had been delivered with a preinstalled malware that underpins alternative advertising advertisers. This included a root certificate, which could also intervene in TLS connections. Anybody who owned the root certificate could manipulate the connections of the affected Lenovo users as long as the websites visited did not use certificate pinning.
20 years of software updates and clear approval
"As part of the agreement with the FTC, Lenovo will not be allowed to misrepresent any features or software preinstalled on a computer when it introduces these advertisements into the users' internet browsing sessions or sensitive third-party data Parties. " In order to comply with the terms, Lenovo must obtain "clear approval" from the users when using the appropriate software.
In addition, for the next 20 years, Lenovo will need to develop a comprehensive software security program for almost every software installed on customer accounts. This program is to be audited by independent bodies.

Lenovo apparently still does not fully understand the error, and according to Engadget says that it does not accept the "accusations in these complaints". The SuperFish boss had also denied security risks. In addition to Lenovo, Dell installed a root certificate in 2015 on the users' computers. In this case, even the private key could be read out.


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