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According to FIA judgments

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Sports

04. September 2017 – 09:10

Günther Steiner has now become a permanent member of the race committee

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(cafetheology.org) – Every day the marmot greets: It is almost common practice that a Haas pilot is involved in an incident during a Formula 1 race, and it is almost common practice that the team with the hit Decisions. Teamchef Günther Steiner also made his way back to the race commissioners after the race in Monza, after Max Verstappen had pushed Kevin Magnussen back. The accusation was once again inadequate. For the Dutchman got no punishment for the pushing. But neither Steiner nor Magnussen consider the action to be punishable, nor are they demanding a sanction for the Red Bull pilot. Steiner is concerned about the question of the border. "What is allowed and what is not?" This is what we discussed with the race commissioners and Charlie Whiting, "says the South Tyrolean.Konkret refer to the scene between Magnussen and Nico Hülkenberg (Renault) in Hungary, who had been exactly the same, but the Haas pilot was punished. "I do not know if we're more difficult, but if we do something and the question is whether it's a race accident or not, then we'll be punished, but if something goes against us, it's certainly a race accident" , steers Steiner. "We have problems with this, and we want clarity." The demand is already going through the entire season. Already at the second run of the season in China, Steiner for the first time complained that two measures were measured because Romain Grosjean was punished because he was not slow enough under yellow. "What I have the most trouble with is the consistency of the stewards, I just do not understand," he says. "I am aware that it is not an easy job, I would not want to do it and will never do it for this reason, but if you do it, you should already be constant." The problem is that the race commissaries each event are different. Although a former driver should give a better view as a support, the Commissioner also changes every race. In Monza was the Emanuele Pirro, with which Steiner exchanged and has taken extra Magnussen for it. "I wanted to go with Kevin because it's hard to tell from the outside what a driver feels," he says, "you've discussed it, and it's good for me to listen because you get a completely different view (about the incident, editor's note), but it is also generally extended to inconsistency, "says Steiner. He says: "Constancy is difficult to achieve, but you can do it in much larger areas than in motorsport. We should either install a system or people who can be constant."


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