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About Fitbit: Duel of Sleep Experts

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

"Did you sleep well?" This question I no longer have to answer with a tired grunt. Instead I can sleep sleepy "nö, only 2,1" or even a detailed evaluation of my sleep phases on the breakfast table. Then I would get from the family circle but somehow unnerved the next coffee cup to the head – but I would be awake then.

The new analyzes make two recently published fitnesstraps possible. Polar's A370 features a new system called Sleep Plus (which is also available on the M430 sports watch). Competitor Fitbit calls his answer Sleepbetter – it was first available on the Alta HR we have now tried. In the meantime, they are also updated on other manufacturers' trackers.
According to the manufacturers, both systems should be able to do more than their respective predecessors. And, of course, more than what the devices of other companies offer. That is why I have worn the two tracker in parallel with a sports watch from Garmin, which offers a comparatively simple, but more or less solid sleep evaluation with a few known quirks.

    Evaluation of the sleeping data of the Polar A370 (Photo: Katja Höhne / Golem.de)

Quite generally, the analysis of my sleep does not have direct, immediate benefit. After all, we humans can not try to sleep at night, just like in sports, in order to deliver a better performance. Nevertheless, I find the data interesting. So I can follow the long-term trend and in advance estimate how necessary I will have the sleep on the weekend – and the alarm clock for Saturday morning accordingly.

Or I have at night – right now in the sultry summer nights it does not feel any eye to be done and then see in the app that I actually slept quite well. Sounds naive, but is so: I'm better then. I think I can say of myself, that because of the evaluations I generally put a little more value on sleep and tend to go to bed earlier, which according to the current state of science is supposed to be healthy. Anyone seriously suffering from sleep problems should, however, contact a doctor – the two tracers are not certified for medical use.
Both Garmin's wearable and the Polar and the Fitbit Alta HR's A370 can measure everyday movements and the pulse all around the clock, as well as record training sessions such as running or cycling – but later on. First and foremost it is about sleep. To capture this, I have to wear the tracker at night on the wrist.


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