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About 400 people demonstrate in Wurzen against racism

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | World News

Hundreds of leftist protesters have gone to the streets in Wurzen near Leipzig, assured by special forces of the police. Up to 400 people went through the city, according to the assembly.

The linksextreme alliance called "somewhere in Germany" had called for the protest. The applicant was a spokesman for the Hamburg Red Flora, who had also co-organized the "Welcome to hell" demonstration during the G20 summit in early July, which had led to riots.

Wurzen as the focal point of the right scene is known
The demonstration on Saturday was under the slogan "The Land Рracist, peace Рvölkisch, Unser Bruch Рirreconcilable". In the call, it was said that the 16,000 inhabitants city should be "de-nazified". Wurzen has been the focus of neo-Nazi violence and structures in the region for more than 20 years and is also an example of the situation in Saxony.

The organizers also accused city-known neo-Nazis of having participated in a right-wing raid on a street in Leipzig's left-wing district of Connewitz in January 2016.

SEK shows presence
Among other units of the police, the Special Operations Command of the Saxon police was clearly visible on the spot, as were several water jets. Above the city, a police helicopter circled.

 Again and again, there was a clash with recognizable right-wing extremes on the edge of the demonstration train. The police kept the camps strictly apart. It remained first in verbal disputes and verbal abuse.


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