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A1 Dual Power Pro: Hybrid Connection with Cisco Router

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Austrian network operator A1 will use hybrid routers from Cisco for business customers. This was announced by A1 Telekom Austria on 4 September 2017. The Telekom Austria subsidiary is the mobile and fixed network operator.

Achim Kaspar, General Manager of Cisco Systems Austria, said: "The successful collaboration between A1 and Cisco will enable end-users to benefit from higher bandwidths by bundling the bandwidths of mobile and fixed networks with specific software developments Cisco router. "
A1 spokesman Martin Rohlik told Golem.de: "Currently, we are using the Cisco Router C 887 VA, which is already available at A1 Pro Business customers. In addition, a mobile router from Cisco is brought to the customer at A1 Dual Power Pro: the Cisco C899G-LTE. "
However, very high data rates are not achieved: A1 customers receive up to 10 MBit / s additionally in the upload and up to 40 MBit / s in the download. Enterprise servers can still be accessed via a fixed IP address in both ways.
A1 Dual Power Pro 20 costs 20 euros a month and offers up to 20 MBit / s download and up to 5 MBit / s upload. The price for the A1 Dual Power Pro 40 tariff is 30 euros per month and provides a maximum of 40 bit / s download and up to 10 MBit / s upload. In addition there is a provision fee of 400 euros or 200 euros, depending on the minimum contract period of 12, 24 or 36 months.
Since July 2016, A1 Telekom has been offering hybrid technology to end customers. The A1 hybrid box is the router Huawei HA35 / 22. Deutsche Telekom has been offering a speedport hybrid router from Huawei since November 2014. The Speedport Hybrid offers up to 100 Mbps at the VDSL port and up to 100 Mbps at the LTE port. In the LTE network of the Telekom, however, a maximum of 500 MBit / s is possible, depending on the terminal equipment type and network expansion area. However, the Telekom has not been able to sell the hybridrouter more than once. On September 30, 2016 Telekom had a little more than 250,000 hybrid customers.


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