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A wide range of vehicles are being used in Europe. ++

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | World News

In Barcelona, ​​a van is packed into a crowd. There and a further attack in a seaside resort, a total of 14 people were killed and many more injured. The events in the Newsticker.

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The assassin is killed by a 12-member terrorist cell from Cambrils. Police are hunted by a 12-member terrorist cell, police are chasing further suspects, Also in France

10:10 am: search for driver of Barcelona's attack on Europe extended
Four days after the assassination attempt of Barcelona, ​​the search for the driver of the attack vehicle has been extended to Europe. It is not to be assumed that the person is still in Catalonia, said a representative of the Catalan government on Monday. The police assume that the van was driven by the 22-year-old Younes Abouyaaqoub, born in Morocco. Already on Sunday, the Catalan policeman Josep Lluis Trapero did not want to exclude the fact that the wanted to the neighboring France France.

09:39 clock: Spanish authorities identify terrorist drivers from Barcelona
The Spanish authorities identified the assassin of Barcelona. In all likelihood, the driver of the car is the volatile Younes Abouyaaquoub, the Catalan Interior Minister Joaquim Forn told Catalunya Radio. The 22-year-old Moroccan is to have on Thursday on the tourist mile Las Ramblas with a delivery truck targeted passers-by. At least 13 people were killed.

09:32 clock: Car from the terror attack in Cambrils near Paris flashed
The car used in the frustrated terror attack in the Spanish Cambrils was flashed by a traffic radar less than a week earlier in the Parisian airspace, according to a media report. The black Audi A3 was driven too fast, reported the regional newspaper "Le Parisien" on Monday on their website. The Paris police force was initially unable to reach an opinion.

As the newspaper reported, referring to security circles, there is currently no evidence for links to France. After the terror attack in Barcelona, ​​the thwarted attack in the southern coastal city of Cambrils occurred. A woman was crossed by the suspects on the run. France had already strengthened border controls in response to the Barcelona attack last Thursday. After a 22 year old Moroccan is still looking for.

07:28 clock: New search in Ripoll
After the terrorist attack in Barcelona and the defeated attack in Cambrils with at least 14 deaths, the police again searched an apartment in Ripoll. In the early hours of the morning Catalan officials in the accommodation in the Sant Pere district had, among other things, secured two bags and a carton of material, reported Spanish media on Monday.

Eye witnesses thus spoke of a "considerable police force" with officials in uniform and civilian. The local police had blocked a street in the old town for traffic. Several sources confirmed the daily "La Vanguardia", during the deployment "great noise" had been heard.

The news from Sunday, 20.08.2017:
20:01 clock: Police investigate further death
A mysterious death that may be related to the attack in Barcelona is the concern of the investigators. A dead man had been found in a car that broke through a police bar shortly after the terror attack on the Ramblas and was finally stopped by the police with shots. However, the dead man was apparently not the driver. He had sat in the back seat and had no bullet wound, said Polizeichef Josep Lluis Trapero.

So far, however, they had not been able to establish a link between the victim and the alleged terrorists. It was investigated whether the man had possibly been another victim of the terrorist cell and the driver had fled after the gunfire of the police.

16:46 clock: missing boy (7) among the dead
An Australian boy whose fate has been considered uncertain since the death was dead. The Catalan emergency services announced that they had identified the seven-year-old as one of the victims of the attack. The mother had been severely injured in the assassination attempt and separated from her child. His father had gone to Spain on Saturday. Spanish media reported that the police did not want to confirm the death of the boy before his father arrived in Barcelona.

Julian Cadman, a 7-year-old dual British-Australian national, what killed in #Barcelona terror attack, police sayhttps: //t.co/Y2DgXciYTm pic.twitter.com/WchsReEckE- BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) August 20 , 2017
Now, all 14 victims of Barcelona and Cambrils are identified by authorities or relatives. They are five Spaniards, including a three-year-old, three Italians, two Portuguese, an American, a Canadian, a Belgian and the Australian boy.

15:22 clock: Assassins might have Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in their sights
The terrorist cell crushed after the attacks in Spain was apparently planning one or more bloody explosives. According to the Spanish online portal El Confidencial, investigators found in the ruins of an explosion-damaged house in Alcanar pictures of the world-famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. People leave on Sunday a funeral procession in the basilica La Sagrada Familia. (Source: Manu Fernandez / AP / dpa)

In the destroyed house there was apparently a bomb workshop of the terrorists. According to the media report investigators found here also traces of the explosive TATP popular with assassins. It was planned to use a blasting kit to detonate gas bottles.

13:59 clock: Catalonia's interior minister – terror cell is smashed
The terrorist cell responsible for the attacks of Barcelona and Cambrils is smashed according to the Catalan Minister of the Interior, Joaquim Forn. It had been neutralized by "the arrest and killing of persons in various actions". Spain's Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido had already reported on Saturday the collapse of the group of twelve, but the police and Catalan regional government expressed doubts about this assessment.

13:42 clock: missing boy is under injured
A Spanish boy who was missing after the terrorist attack in Barcelona is among the injured in Spanish media reports. As reported by the newspaper "El Pais", citing the police, the seven-year-old was on the list of people who had been injured in the attack last Thursday. The boy was in a hospital, reported Europa Press, citing Catalan police. However, no further details on his health were mentioned.

Australian media had initially reported that the boy was missing. According to "El Pais" the father had been informed, the grandfather had asked in social media for help in the search for his grandson. Even Australia's head of government had expressed the case. "We pray that the little boy return to his parents alive," said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney on Sunday. According to the Foreign Ministry four Australians were injured in the attack.

13:21 clock: Assassins in Spain hired three vehicles
The Spanish investigators have traced three rental cars to the main suspect of the terrorist attacks in Catalonia. Police reported that all three vans were paid with the credit card of the fleeting Younes Abouyaaquoub. The 22-year-old is supposed to have driven a car into the crowd on the Ramblas on Thursday.

The policeman, who did not want to name his name, declared that one of the rental cars had been used for the attack in Barcelona. The second was found in Vic, about 70 kilometers north of Barcelona, ​​on the road to Ripoll, where the main suspects lived. The third car was discovered in Ripoll.

The police suspect that the assassins loaded the vehicles with explosives and wanted to take an even greater attack. These plans would have changed, however, when an explosive device accidentally exploded in the house where they were preparing their deed.

12:59 clock: Terrorzelle had 120 gas cylinders for attacks
According to the police, the terrorist cell of Barcelona has hauled at least 120 gas cylinders for "one or more attacks" in the Catalan capital. The gas bottles had been found in a house in Alcanar, where the original attack plans had been crossed by an explosion, the police said.

12:50 clock: Assumed assassin was in Switzerland in December
In the investigation into the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​a trace also leads to Switzerland. At least one of the suspects was at the end of 2016 in Zurich, reported the Swiss federal police on Sunday. "This does not mean that the man was criminally conspicuous or illegal here," said spokeswoman Catherine Maret. So far, no connection to the attacks in Barcelona can be derived.

The spokeswoman said that the finding that he was in the country could result from, for example, registered flight passenger data. Whether a second suspect was also in the last months in Switzerland was still to be clarified. Already after the assassination attempt on the Christmas market in Berlin on 19 December with eleven dead had led a trace into Switzerland. A weapon that had assassin Anis Amri with him had been legally imported into Switzerland in the early 1990s. A connection between the assassin and Switzerland was not established.

10:55 clock: Australian boy since stop missed
After the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​a boy from Australia is considered missing. As the Australian news agency AAP reported on Sunday, the father of the seven-year-old traveled to Spain. The boy was reportedly separated from his mother during the assassination attempt on Thursday. Mother and son had a holiday in Barcelona. The woman was injured.

The father was picked up by police and Australian consular staff after his arrival, as AAP reported. "We pray that the little boy return to his parents alive," said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney on Sunday. According to the Foreign Ministry four Australians were injured in the attack.

10:52 clock: Police on the track of another suspect
Three days after the Barcelona terror attack, the Catalan police are apparently on the track of another suspect. "We are very close to a person who is connected with both assassinations," the security forces said on Twitter on Sunday with a view to the death of Las Ramblas and the thwarted attack in the coastal city of Cambrils. What role the suspect had played can not yet be confirmed. In another police tweet, it was said that in the city of Girona, north of Barcelona, ​​there was a police service.

10:30 am: Police in northern Spain are looking for the main runners of Barcelona
In the search for the main suspect of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​the Spanish police have built numerous road blocks in the north-east of the country. On Sunday, the officials searched for the 22-year-old Younes Abouyaaquoub, who was supposed to have driven a van into the crowds on the Ramblas on Thursday. 13 people were killed.

The Spanish media reported that the search was focused on the localities of Ripoll and Manlleu. The investigators also dealt with a disappeared imam, who was said to have radicalized the young men of the terrorist cell. The police are currently investigating whether he was killed in the explosion of a house in Alcanar the evening before the bloody attack in Barcelona.

10:13 clock: Funeral for victims of Barcelona starts in Sagrada Familia
In the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona on Sunday, the funeral for the victims of terrorist attacks began in Catalonia. At the fair in the world-famous Gotteshaus, designed by Antoni Gaudí, the Spanish royal family Felipe VI. And Letizia, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and numerous other top politicians such as the President of the Catalonia Region and the Mayor of Barcelona.

The celebration "for peace" is headed by the Archbishop of Barcelona, ​​Juan José Omella. The show began shortly after 10 o'clock in the morning with solemn organ music. In the attack on the Las Ramblas promenade and the thwarted attack in the coastal town of Cambrils on Thursday, 14 people were killed, more than 120 were injured.

The news from Saturday, 19.08.2017:
23:03 clock: Mother calls the main suspects to the task
The mother of the chief suspect Younes Abouyaaquoub has asked her son for a media report. Her son was to face the police, citing the news portal of the Catalan radio station Televisió de Catalunya and Catalunya Ràdio the woman. The 22-year-old Moroccan is supposed to be on the run and possibly have moved to France.

During a meeting in front of the town hall of the small town of Ripoll about 100 kilometers north of Barcelona, ​​the about 40 family members and acquaintances of the alleged terrorists distanced themselves from the deeds. They wore posters with the words "Not in Our Name". "We do not know if they are alive or dead, we do not know where they are," said the cousin of Aboyaaquoub.

20:50 Clock: King and wife commemorate the victims
The Spanish King Felipe VI. And his wife Letizia have laid down flowers at the site of the terrorist attack. Together with Barcelona's mayor Ada Colau and the president of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, they went to the place where a mosaic of the artist Joan Miró (1893-1983) is admitted into the floor of the Ramblas. There the driver of the van had stopped his terrorist trip on Thursday. Since then, countless flower arrangements have been laid down there and candles have been set up. When the monarchs arrived, they were received with applause and shouts like "Long live the King", "Long live Spain" and "Long live Catalonia". In addition, the crowd chanted "No tinc por" (Catalan for "I'm not afraid"). After terrorist attack in Barcelona (source: Emilio Morenatti / AP / dpa)

18:40 clock: head of the terror cell killed?
Behind the Spanish terrorist cell, according to the investigators of the Imam Abdelbaki Es Satty. He may have radicalized the young assassins of Barcelona and Cambrils, but was probably killed in the unintended explosion at the headquarter of the cell in Alcanar, the news agency AP, referring to police travel.

The police assume that the group in the house in Alcanar planned a much more devastating attack with gas or explosives. These plans, however, apparently shattered when the explosion came to an explosion on Wednesday night and the Imam was killed. Instead, the cell committed the car attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.

It Sami was Imam in a mosque in the village of Ripoll, where the police had also arrested several people since the attack. The head of the mosque, Ali Yassine, condemned the attacks and said Es Satty had abruptly left Ripoll in June to drive to Morocco. Since then he had not seen him. The debris of the residential house in Alcanar, in which the terrorist cell has bombed on bombs. (Source: Tjerk Van Der Meulen / dpa)

17:42 Uhr: King's parade visits victims
The Spanish King Felipe VI. And his wife Letizia first met patients in the Hospital del Mar, including several children who had been wounded in the death drive of the vans. "The king's concern was unmistakable, and especially Letizia was very serious," it said. Felipe and Letizia then continued to the Hospital de Sant Pau, where numerous victims of the attack were also treated. Princess Letizia and the Spanish King Felipe VI. (R., Hidden) visit victims of the Islamic terrorist attack. (Source: Spanish Royal Palace, Pool Photo / AP / dpa)

17:02: Demonstration against terrorism in Barcelona Several dozens of Muslims are demonstrating against terrorism on the Las Ramblas in Barcelona. A woman holding a sign with the inscription "I am Muslima and Catalan, no terrorist" in the air. (Source: Santi Palacios / AP / dpa)
16:10 clock: 30 French wounded
According to new information from the French government during the attack in Barcelona 30 French were injured. 14 of them are still being treated in hospitals, including five seriously injured. So far, 28 of the injured had spoken.

15:27 clock: Maas calls for better cooperation in the EU
"International terrorism unfortunately does not stop at any country border," said Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) of the "Rheinische Post". "If we want to protect ourselves effectively, we need a good cooperation between the security authorities in Europe." The European Union needs "a better exchange of all existing information on extremist violators".

2:15 pm: Police are looking for Moroccans as possible main offenders
After the attack of Barcelona the police look for a 22-year-old Moroccan. On Saturday, the investigators spread a search photo of the sought-after Younes Abouyaaqoub. According to the Spanish media, it might be the driver of the vans who raced into the crowds on the Las Ramblas promenade. The police did not confirm this. It was not clear who controlled the vans, the police said.

With this search, the Spanish police are looking for the alleged head of Barcelona, ​​Younes Abouyaaquoub. (Source: AP / dpa)

The terrorist cell also included a Moroccan brothers – 17-year-old Moussa Oukabir, who was shot with four other alleged assassins in Cambrils, and his 27-year-old brother Driss Oukabir, who was arrested in Ripoll. The 17-year-old had initially been named as a possible driver of the van in the attack in Barcelona.

1:30 pm: Minister of the Interior holds terror cell for smash
The Spanish government considers the terrorist cell of Barcelona to be crushed. "The security experts of the country agreed," said Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido. "We can say that the Barcelona cell is totally battered – on the basis of people who have been killed or who have been arrested, and because of the identifications that have been made," Zoido said.

The investigators are currently investigating a network of twelve suspects. Five of them were killed in Cambrils, four were arrested. Three more have not yet been found. One or two of them might have perished at the explosion in the Alcanar home on Wednesday. The officials suspect that the group was preparing explosives there for an even bigger assassination than that in Barcelona.

13:00 clock: IS claims complaints officially for itself
The Terrormiliz Islamic State (IS) has claimed the attacks in Spain for itself. Several faithful fighters had expelled them into two groups and targeted "cruisers", the IS said in an online statement. So far, the IS confession had only been spread by his Amak language pipe.

#ISIS Issues Formal Communique for #Spain Attacks, Claims Killing & Wounding Over 120 in #Barcelona & #Cambrils https://t.co/TJGKEyRbFb pic.twitter.com/D0fBuKNFbR- SITE Intel Group (@siteintelgroup) August 19, 2017
12:15 clock: Twelve injured still in critical condition
Two days after the Terrorattacke in Spain, 54 people are still being treated in hospitals. 50 injured were in clinics in Barcelona, ​​four in Cambrils, the Catalan emergency services announced on Saturday on Twitter. Twelve patients were in critical condition, 25 more seriously injured.

11:00 am: Police announce "controlled explosions"
In the coastal town of Alcanar the emergency services announced on Saturday "several controlled explosions". In the place, the bomb workshop of the Terrorzelle should have been in a house, which exploded on Wednesday. The authorities said that the population should not be concerned by the controlled explosions.

The explosion in the alleged bomb workshop in Alcanar was so powerful that the neighboring buildings were also affected. (Source: Sofia Cabanes / dpa)

10:50 am: Apartment of Imam searched through
The police searched the house of an Imam in the morning in the city of Ripoll north of Barcelona. The security forces had searched for DNA samples, reported the newspaper "El País", referring to police travel. There was the guess that one of the two bodies that had been found in the apartment destroyed by an explosion in Alcanar could be the Muslim clerics. The terrorist cell is said to have planned the attack on the Boulevard Las Ramblas and the thwarted attack of Cambrils in the apartment. There was an explosion on Wednesday.

10:30 clock: 17-year-old was probably not the death driver
After the terrorist attack with a van in Barcelona, ​​the police have doubted that the previous chief suspect was actually the driver. "It is a possibility, but at this point (…) it loses weight," said the Catalan policeman Josep Lluís Trapero in a television interview. According to the police, 17-year-old Moussa Oukabir, along with four other suspects, had been shot dead on an anti-terrorist mission in Cambrils on Friday, about 100 kilometers south of Barcelona.

There is currently no "sufficient evidence" that Oukabir controlled the vans on the tourist mile of Las Ramblas in passersby. It is also open, as he might have come to Cambrils from Barcelona.

The police are currently investigating a network of twelve suspects. Five of them were killed in Cambrils, four were arrested. Three more have not yet been found. One or two of them might have perished at the explosion in the Alcanar home on Wednesday. The investigators suspect that the group there prepared explosives for an even greater assassination than that in Barcelona.

04:15 clock: Australian boy is missing
After the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​a seven-year-old boy from Australia is missing. The child's mother was seriously injured in the hospital, while the family was looking for the boy, the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

"All of us who are parents know the fears that the father and the whole family are going through," said Turnbull. The Philippine authorities said the injured mother was a 43-year-old Filipino who had been living in Australia for several years. She wanted to attend a cousin's wedding ceremony in Barcelona. The wife's British husband was on his way to Barcelona to look for his son. The boy had been separated from his mother during the attack.

01:30 am: Investigators are looking for white Renault
In the context of the attacks in Spain, a vehicle is being sought. As reported by French police officers, the Spanish police reported on Friday to a white Renault Kangoo. He might have crossed the border to France.

Here you will find the announcements of Friday, August 18:
23:30 clock: Terror of Barcelona was only the Plan B
Actually the suspects in the opinion of the investigators planned a much bigger attack. But an unintentional explosion made a dash for them. Read more about the current state of the investigations here.

Police arrest a suspect in Ripoll north of Barcelona. (Source: Francisco Seco / AP / dpa)

22:30 clock: Gabriel sees no reason for warning
Even after the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) considers Spain a safe Reiseland. "We are quite sure that Spain is still a rice country where we do not have to issue any warnings," he said during a visit to Barcelona. He also emphasized that "there is no absolute certainty."

His visit to Barcelona can be seen as a demonstration of solidarity with Spain, said Gabriel. "Over 30 nations are affected here with victims, which is directed against the free world, against what we understand by a democratic coexistence," he emphasized. "These are cowardly assassins, evidently propagated by the propaganda of fanatics."

21:45 clock: Two Germans are in danger of life
One day after the attack in Barcelona, ​​two German casualties hover in a lifetime. The doctor of a hospital in Barcelona told Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel during his visit. So far the Foreign Office had only spoken of a woman who was seriously injured.

A middle-aged woman suffered severe head injuries in the attack on a van on Thursday at Barcelona's Las Ramblas district. Their condition is regarded as extremely critical. In addition, a seriously injured teenager is in the intensive care unit.

Two other Germans have suffered fractures and are also considered seriously injured. A total of 13 Germans were injured in the terrorist attack. Some of them were now able to leave the hospitals.

In the hospital, which visited Gabriel, five German injuries were treated. The Minister could speak with one of the more easily injured women.

21:00: Second corpse found in the terrorist house of Alcanar
A second corpse has apparently been found in the house where the alleged terrorist cell was supposed to have prepared the terrorist attack in Barcelona. The Catalan police Mossos d'Esquadra confirmed on Twitter that they had found "biological remains" in the house in the small town of Alcanar south of the town of Tarragona. In the building, there was an explosion on Wednesday with a dead man – possibly a bomb workshop had been found there.

Only ruins remained of the house in the coastal town of Alcanar. (Source: Sofia Cabanes / dpa)

The investigators suspect that the alleged terrorists in the building in the place explosives prepared for an even greater assassination than that of Thursday in Barcelona with 13 dead. But the explosion had prevented this. After the explosion on Wednesday, the mortal remains of a suspected terrorist had been found, who had probably experimented with gas bottles.

8:30 pm: Right and left protesters get together
At the scene of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​there have been clashes between right-wing demonstrators and passers-by. The protesters were in the evening near the mouth of the Rambla Boulevard to Plaça Catalunya. They wore flags with the symbol of the identity movement, with St. George crosses and banners with inscriptions like "Defend Europe" and "Stop Islamization of Europe".

Right-wing demonstrators are arriving at the scene of the attack in Barcelona. (Source: Emilio Morenatti / AP / dpa)

A crowd of people stood up to them and loudly called out "fascists out of our neighborhoods!". Some also chanted "No pasarán" ("They will not get along), the slogan of the Republicans from the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), others holding rainbows.

A leftist and a right-wing protestor scream in Barcelona. (Source: Manu Fernandez / AP / dpa)

Finally, the identities resumed under the triumph of the crowd. "What happened yesterday in Barcelona was an act of hatred, but this is the same hate," said the bank employee, Eduard Sánchez.

The right-wing demonstrators are withdrawing under police protection. (Source: Santi Palacios / AP / dpa)


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