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"A Pulitzer Prize for a robot, it will not happen."

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

The robots conquer journalism. At least one could think of this when looking at the business model of Retresco, which consists of creating texts for media houses in an automated manner. In the interview with HORIZONT Online CEO Alexander Siebert: "We do not want to replace journalists". On the contrary: they are supported by this technology.

              Alexander Siebert, CEO of Retresco, in the video interview
    Retresco, founded in Berlin in 2008, specializes in the automatic utilization of content and data. For example, the company's technology is able to produce fully automated data from weather data, personalized for every city in the world. "No company, no editor can do it manually," says Siebert in the interview on the edge of the Dmexco. This is why his technology would not replace journalism but expand it. Siebert: "We are creating new business models, which are not yet used by journalism." A Pulitzer Prize for Writing Robots? Siebert can not imagine that. "This will not happen," he says. "Not in the next 20 years." Now, Retresco is producing automated game and review reports from the 1st and 2nd Football League, as well as from amateur football matches. The company receives the data via interfaces to external data suppliers, which are then analyzed and analyzed. The referee whistles the game, the report is finished. The difference allegedly not the readers, so Siebert. There are studies that prove this. Moreover, the subjects often even assumed that texts from robotics were written by editors. Despite these qualities, the media houses are still cautious, says Siebert: "According to our experience, media companies with innovations, especially in this area, have their difficulties." ronOffering: The dfv media group (in HORIZONT appears) is involved in Retresco.





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