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The black-and-red peace in the passenger car toll has come to an end. One month before the Bundestag election the SPD says the CSU project is going to fight.

Martin Schulz wants to abolish the controversial car toll in the event of an election victory. "Actually, apart from the CSU, nobody wants this toll," said the SPD chairman of the magazine "Motorwelt" of the ADAC car club. A prerequisite for the introduction was, among other things, that the toll was calculated. "I do not see the revenue," Schulz said, adding, "But if there is no relation to the effort and the usefulness, it has to be abolished, and that is exactly what I am going to do as a chancellor."

Passenger car toll was the prerequisite for the minimum wage
SPD faction leader Thomas Oppermann added that the toll was a prerequisite for the CSU in the 2013 coalition negotiations. "Without this concession, we would not have been able to achieve the minimum wage," said Oppermann. "We have chosen the minimum wage, but we will not be able to keep up with the toll on cars, and some will say that the taxpayer would even pay for it, after the election, we will extend the truck tolls."

The demonstration project of the CSU in the black-red coalition was finalized in the spring with a few amendments, with which Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) took legal concerns from the EU Commission. However, the toll is not yet implemented. The start on motorways and federal roads will be striving for 2019.

Domestic car owners are to be relieved of their tolls by a lower car tax. Passenger car drivers from abroad are only to pay for motorways. After deduction of the costs, the toll is to contribute a good 500 million euros a year for investments. There are still doubts about revenue and EU law.

 The CSU promptly dismissed Schulz's advance for abolition. "The toll creates justice on Germany's roads when all users – including the cars from abroad – are directly involved in the financing," said Secretary General Andreas Scheuer. "We can not deny this by a candidate Schulz in his daily search for election campaigns."

"The expensive madness wants no one except the CSU"
Schulz received support from the opposition. "This is for us a pure self-evident that the car toll is the first to be abolished," said Green Group vice-president Oliver Krischer. "No one wants the crazy madness except the CSU." But what is the reason why the SPD did not object to it in the past four years?

  Angela Merkel made it clear in the ADAC "Motorwelt" that she is a passenger car toll. The solution adopted corresponds to its specifications. "The fact is that the German drivers are not burdened by the infrastructure levy." Owners of clean Euro 6 vehicles would even be financially relieved.


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