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"95 percent of Saint-Martin are destroyed"

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | World News

Hurricane "Irma" leaves death and devastation in the Caribbean. On the islands of Barbuda, Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, ten people died. The storm rages in the highest category off the north coast of the US outside Puerto Rico. To the south of the US state of Florida evacuate authorities vulnerable areas.

A baby was killed in Barbuda. The island was "totally destroyed" and "only a bunch of rubbish," said Gaston Browne, the head of government. "It's heartbreaking, the whole island is under water," he continued. In the "CNN" station, Browne estimated the damage balance to be 95 percent of the total property on the island, about 30 percent of which was completely destroyed. Two thousand people live in Barbuda.

Barbuda and Saint-Martin "95 percent destroyed"
The President of the Territorial Council of the French Carribean drew an equally dramatic picture: "It is a major disaster, 95 per cent of the island is destroyed," said Daniel Gibbs radio station Caraïbes International. He was "shocked", it was shocking. At least eight people died on Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, 23 were injured.

View of the Caribbean island of Saint-Martin in the north of the small Antilles after Hurricane "Irma" was swept over the hilly island on Thursday. (Source: Netherlands Ministry of Defense / Reuters)

The spiritual leader of Guadeloupe called the situation on Saint-Martin "dramatic". There is no drinking water and no power supply. The hilly island north of the small Antilles is administered by France and the Netherlands.

 Thousands of people without electricity and drinking water
France's President Emmanuel Macron had previously prepared his countrymen that there would be victims through the hurricane. The record will be "hard and cruel", "we will have to complain," Macron said on Wednesday evening after a visit to the Ministry of Interior's crisis department in Paris. The material damage to Saint-Barthélémy and Saint-Martin is "significant", he added. According to the people of the Caribbean Island, there is no longer any drinking water and no electricity supply on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. (Source: Netherlands Ministry of Defense / Reuters)

In Puerto Rico, 4200 people were seeking refuge in emergency shelters. About one million people were without electricity, 80,000 without water, reported the newspaper "El Nuevo Dia". The storm did not cross the island, but Puerto Rico was exposed by storms over 150 kilometers per hour. Trees were torn down, there were damage caused by flooding. In the British overseas territory of Anguilla, a man was killed.

BASF closes in Puerto Rico
The chemicals group BASF has closed its location in Manatí, Puerto Rico "as a precaution", a company spokeswoman said on Thursday. In Manatí, around 250 BASF employees and employees of third-party companies work.

Hurricane "Irma" could reach US mainland on Saturday. According to current forecasts, he weakened somewhat by then. (Source: cafetheology.org)
"Irma" is the most severe tropical storm ever registered in the region. It reaches peak wind speeds of 290 kilometers per hour. On Thursday "Irma" moved with 26 kilometers per hour towards west-northwest.

Never was a storm so strong for so long
For the last 33 hours, "Irma" has been the highest category of danger: 5. According to French weather experts, no storm was observed that was so strong over such a long period of time. "This has not happened since the beginning of the satellite era," the French weather service Météo France reported.

Destrucción devastadora en la isla caribeña de #Barbuda tras la pasada del # HuracánIrma. No se sabe si hubo fallecimientos. #HurricaneIrma pic.twitter.com/1JgOFBmLuO- Josh Navarro 😎📱🎥 (@JoshNavarroTV) September 7, 2017
According to estimates by the United Nations, up to 37 million people could be affected by the effects in the coming days.

Next, "Irma", according to the US hurricane center north of the island Hispaniola should pass through the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, still suffers from the hurricane "Matthew" in October 2016, which killed some 1,000 people.

"Irma" remains very dangerous
According to the German Weather Service, the hurricane remains very dangerous. This is also due to the unfavorable train: According to DWD, "Irma" will be traveling almost only on warm water with temperatures of 26 to 30 degrees. This needs such a hurricane "as a source of energy", said the Tornadobe commissioner of the German Weather Service, Andreas Friedrich. He invoked data from the US National Hurricane Center.

St-Martin et St-Barthélémy: deux îles dévastées en attente de secours [SYNTHESE] #Cyclone #Irma #Outremer https://t.co/nqt4xOC0nm pic.twitter.com/9IJnWxEs1F- La1ere.fr (@ la1ere) September 7th , 2017
The DWD assumes that the hurricane will lead to severe damage to the north coast of Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the western foothills of the Bahamas during Thursday. Cuba will probably be affected by the hurricane on Friday. On the night of Sunday, "Irma" is expected to hit Florida.

In the Dominican Republic people protect their possessions from threatened storm damage – here a shop in Las Terrenas with plywood boards. (Source: Tatjana Fernandez / dpa)

The DWD did not want to participate in the discussion about a possible level six for hurricanes, which are as strong as "Irma". The decisive factor was to predict whether a storm would have a life-threatening effect. "Precipitation, wind speeds and storm surges, can be predicted, and then it is irrelevant, whether one is referred to as stage five or six," said Friedrich.

37 million people in danger
On Thursday, around 8pm local time (2h Friday CEST) "Irma" could devastate British overseas, the Turks and Caicos, then the southern Bahamas. The Hurricane Center warned of storms.

The islands Barbuda and Saint-Martin are said to have been almost completely destroyed by "Irma", the authorities say. (Source: imago)
The government of the Bahamas ordered the evacuation of several islands in the south of the island chain. The US government intended to fly embassy staff.

Florida expects "Irma" on Saturday
It is likely that "Irma" meets the US state of Florida on Saturday evening (local time). In the Miami-Dade district, which includes the city of Miami, the authorities ordered Thursday evacuation of vulnerable zones. Three Caribbean islands were devastated by "Irma". (Source: imago)

The storm could be the worst ever Florida had ever been exposed to, said Governor Rick Scott on Wednesday the ABC radio station.

"I want everyone to understand what's going on here," Scott said. All inhabitants should cover themselves with water and food for three days. Orlando Airport announced its intention to stop operations on Saturday afternoon. US airlines have canceled dozens of flights.

The next hurricane is already waiting …
With "Irma" the danger is not over: "Jose" is located in the middle of the Atlantic and is at level one comparatively weak. The next hurricane is dangerous: "Friday" can "explosively reinforce" and become a hurricane of the fourth stage and later meet the area of ​​the northern Antilles, where "Irma" tore several people to death.

Foothills of the hurricane "Irma" meet the coast of the Caribbean island Saint-Martin. (Source: Netherlands Ministry of Defense / Reuters)

"Katia", also a category one hurricane, is located in the Gulf of Mexico. He is likely to move further towards the Mexican coast, possibly weakening to a tropical low.


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