Monday, August 21st, 2017 | World News

The mystery about the Danish reporter missing since a submarine disaster has been resolved. In the Police Department, the owner of the underwater vehicle revealed the true story.

As the police reported in Copenhagen, submarine owner Peter Madsen had buried the woman in a not exactly named place in the Køge bay. She had been killed by a disaster on board. The Danish and Swedish maritime authorities traced the route of the submarine. Danish divers were looking for the woman's body on Monday in the southern Öresund and in the Køge bay.

Supposedly on island
30-year-old Swedish girl Kim Wall was last seen on 10 August, when she embarked with Madsen in the port of Copenhagen on the "UC3 Nautilus". She had wanted to write a report about the inventor. What happened then is unclear. Madsen stated that she had dismissed the woman after an excursion with the submarine on an island in the Copenhagen harbor area.

He himself had tested a few things on the self-designed 18 meter long underwater vehicle, which had problems with a ballast tank. The submarine sank, he himself was rescued by a private ship and landed on land. When her family reported the journalist as missing, the police became suspicious and arrested Madsen.

Supposedly accident on board
At first, the Dane denied having anything to do with the disappearance of the woman. The police suspected that the Swede could be found in the sunken submarine. When the vehicle was recovered, however, this was not the case. Shortly thereafter, the police told her that she no longer expected to find Kim Wall alive.

When Madsen said that the woman died on board, was not reported. It was only when both the prosecutor's office and the defense requested that the case was partly publicly negotiated that Madsen had given an accident on board. The 46-year-old is under investigation, the police accuse him of manslaughter, the court reduced the accusation on Saturday to serious negligent killing.


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