Monday, August 21st, 2017 | World News

Shipwreck in front of Singapore: The US destroyer "USS John S. McCain" has crashed with a tanker. Ten American sailors are missing, at least five injured. Memories of a similar incident two months ago are waking up.

The cause of the accident and the exact extent of the damage were initially unclear as the US Pacific Fleet reported. What is clear is that the US destroyer was originally east of the Malacca road on the way to a routine stop in the port of Singapore when it collided on Sunday at 23:24 (CEST). The road from Malacca is located between Malaysia in the north-east and Indonesia in the southwest.

According to initial findings, the destroyer equipped with steering rockets was damaged in the rear port area – that is, on the left rear part of the ship. The US Navy immediately initiated search and rescue operations. Singapore's Luftwaffe sent several helicopters to support.

The ship was named after the father and the grandfather of the same name by US Senator John McCain. Both were admirals. It belongs to the seventh fleet of the US Navy. Home port of the war ship is Yokosuka in Japan. The crew usually consists of more than 230 soldiers. McCain himself wrote Twitter in the short news service, he included the sailors into his prayer.

According to the "Marine Traffic" website, "Alnic MC" is a 183-meter-long tanker under the Liberian flag, which is used to transport oil and chemicals. It therefore weighs more than 30,000 tonnes. How many people she had on board and whether there were injured there was not known at first.

  It was only two months ago that the USS Fitzgerald shipwrecked Japan with a container ship. At that time seven US sailors were killed. The destroyer was so badly damaged on the starboard side that he had almost sunk according to American data.

The almost four times larger and fully loaded container ship, which drove under the Philippine flag, was only slightly damaged. Three members of the US ship's crew were freed from their duties after the incident.


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