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The time of the "Dark Lord" and "secret president" in the White House is over. Donald Trumps Strategy consultant Stephen Bannon must have taken his hat. But on the day of his departure, he announces new bouts: "I will definitely crush the opposition."

Bannon returns to the ultra-right news page "Breitbart News". On Friday, he again took over the leadership of the Internet portal. "Now I have my hands on the arms," ​​said Bannon in an interview. He will "continue to go to war for Trump". This is directed against his opponents "in the Capitol, in the media, in America's enterprise".

Previously, a high-ranking editor of the media had already tweeted the hashtag "#WAR" (#Krieg), after it became known that Bannon would leave the White House. "The populist-nationalist movement has become much stronger today," explained Breitbart's chief editor, Alex Marlow. The medium now has a boss "with the finger on the pulse of the Trump-Agenda".

In an interview with the news page "The Weekly Standard," Bannon continued, "The Trump presidency, for which we fought and which we have won, is over." The moderate forces in Congress would now win over the surface. Trump will be even harder to put his agenda through.

"The Republican establishment is not interested in Trump's success," said Bannon. "They are not populists, no nationalists, they have no interest in his program." Apart from a weakened tax reform, as is customary for Republicans, nothing will be implemented by Trumps.

 Most popular face of the old-right movement
Bannon had announced a "new political order" at the beginning of Trumps presidency. He is a figurehead of the so-called "alt-right" movement, which is an alternative to the conservative establishment and supported the legal populist Trump in the election campaign. The movement believes in the superiority of the white race, is hostile to immigration, and rejects Jews and Muslims as well as free trade.

Bannon, however, had a lot of resistance. Trumps daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, both advisors in the White House, crossed with him. Staff boss John Kelly is said to have accepted after the takeover of his new job that he will not tolerate that Bannon behind the scenes pull the stripping. On Friday, the US government finally announced that Bannon had agreed with Kelly about his resignation. "We thank him for the work done and wish him the best", explained Trumps spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

  Trump had called Bannon a "good man" later this month, but in the US, media conjectures about his imminent resignation. According to reports, the US president was angry when his chief strategist in connection with North Korea denied him. There was "no military solution" to the nuclear conflict with Pyongyang. Trump had previously threatened a military attack on North Korea. Bannon had also long been suspected of having passed confidential information from the White House to the media.

Bannon, together with Stephen Miller, is the architect of the "America First" strategy Trumps. The co-founder of the arch-conservative Internet platform "Breitbart" had joined the Trump team before the 2016 election campaign and took over the leadership of the election campaign. He is credited with a decisive share in the rather surprising arrival of the real estate miller in the White House.

Already on Friday was speculated in Washington, whether the departure of Bannons still further personnel changes in the White House could follow. The conservative advisor Sebastian Gorka is considered a candidate. CNN, referring to circles in the White House, reported that staff officer Kelly was not ready for his personnel restructuring.


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