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5.8 TBit / s: DE-CIX achieved due to Apple world record in data exchange

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Gadgets

Data traffic at DE-CIX in Frankfurt reached a new record high of 5.88 terabits per second yesterday. This was announced by the operator on 13 September 2017. "The highest data exchange rate at DE-CIX so far was at 5.6 terabits per second, which means that we already ranked first in the world," said Harald A. Summa, Managing Director of DE-CIX Management.

"We are assuming that the introduction of the new Apple devices has allowed the data traffic to pass through the ceiling and are already curious to see how the rollout of iOS 11 will affect the traffic.I think that we will have the 6 Terabit per second at the latest "said Summa.
For comparison, the second-largest German Internet node, the E-CIX of the Berlin Peering GmbH, had a data throughput of 900 gigabits per second about a year ago.
Strongest usage around 9pm
Data traffic at the Internet nodes reflects the daily usage rhythm in waves, starting at 6 in the morning with its peak around 9 pm. Also seasonal changes with less online usage in the summer than in the autumn and winter months could be registered.
Peering refers to the peer-to-peer data exchange between Internet access providers. Data exchange between the providers is usually done via peering points, also called Internet nodes. At the eleven locations of the DE-CIX, Internet service providers, network operators, content delivery networks and companies are exchanging their data traffic in a cost-free manner to bring the data packets to the recipient in the most favorable and fastest way.

In February 2015, Deutsche Telekom officially declared that it intends to make further use of DE-CIX. However, the Telekom is not a general public peering, but a restrictive peering, in which the Telekom examine, which operator is itself. "If they find partners, they have to submit to certain rules of the Telekom," said Summa at that time.


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