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4K-UHD Blu-ray: LG Retains Dolby Vision Firmware for UP970

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Gadgets

LG's UHD Blu-ray player UP970 remains first on the BD.37079.70524.C version. The version BD.37767.70811.C, also called BD.37.767.70811.C, which should probably bring the Dolby Vision update, is no longer offered. This is reported by users in the Hifi forum. We can understand this on a UP970, the update function does not provide any indication of a new version. On the service side of LG to the UP970 you will find anyway no references to firmware updates.

Why the firmware was withdrawn, which should punctually to the Ifa the hitherto unlikely abilities of the player should demonstrate, is not known. Anyone who has already installed the update has to adjust to problems and should be vigil whether his player does what he is supposed to do. On request, however, LG could not give any details. Also, it is not known when the update will be released again. LG is asking for patience until the company has discovered the reason. Accordingly, there is still no start of DolbyVision. Only through the specialist retailers are Oppo's Dolby Vision players, not to be confused with the mobile phone maker Oppo, available.
The incident comes for LG directly to the Ifa. LG is a long time to advance the HDR issue beyond HDR10. It is not easy to bring the topic to the customer anyway, the company told us at the Ifa. This is the industry and also LG, however, is to blame. In addition to HDR10 and Dolby Vision, LG will also broadly support HLG, which according to LG LG HDR10 more. First test announcements already exist. Accordingly, there will be an HLG update for the 6er TV generation. Only HDR10 + does not want to support LG, which in turn should come parallel to the competition parallel to HDR10.

For the end customer, the situation is extraordinarily complicated. It has to deal with dynamic and static metadata of a dynamic format (HDR, High Dynamic Range). To understand the difference between 8, 10 and later even 12 bits per color channel and to ensure that 4K and HDR signals arrive at the TV – this can go wrong with the use of an AV receiver.


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