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4K-UHD-Blu-ray: LG releases Dolby-Vision firmware

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Gadgets



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LG's UHD player can play DolbyVision. (Picture: LG)
LG's UHD player can play DolbyVision. (Picture: LG)
LG has unlocked the capabilities of DolbyVision for its UHD Blu-ray player. After a firmware update, users can also play the few 4K discs with DolbyVision in full quality.

For the UHD Blu-ray player UP970 LG has released a new firmware. This means that users no longer have to restrict themselves to HDR10, but can also play the Dolby-Vision layer of some discs.

The first discs have been released since July 2017. At the same time the LG competitor Oppo has also finished its Dolby Vision firmware. LG needed a few more weeks. A lot more choice with Dolby Vision players does not mean however. With LG, there are now two different players for the Dolby Vision layer.
DolbyVision is expected to have much more flexibility with High Dynamic Range compared to HDR10 because the metadata is dynamic and defines the HDR range depending on the scene. With HDR10 HDR can only be defined once. Dolby Vision also supports 12 instead of 10 bits per color channel. The prerequisite, however, is not only the software and the corresponding player, but also a Dolby-Vision-compatible TV set. Again, the selection is currently not particularly large.
Dolby-Vision-capable UHD Blu-ray discs recognize the user with a very small logo on the back of the disc package.


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