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4 Examples of the shopping experience of the future

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

Chinese KFC customers order their chicken sandwiches from a robot that can predict their personal preferences. This is not a future scenario, but a pilot project carried out by the Isobar digital agency together with the search engine service Baidu. According to Isobar CEO Jean Lin, it is precisely what digital natives expect in the future: an interactive shopping experience, where new technologies such as AI, speech recognition and augmented reality play a central role. In addition, it is about ideas that simplify shopping and bring the online world and the stationary trade closer to each other.

          At the Dmexco, Lin and Kris Beyens, VP Operations at Ebay EMEA, explain how the shopping behavior will change in the near future and how brands can benefit from it. Here are their four best examples, where shopping is already being brought to a new level with the help of modern technologies and clever online and offline linking:
            The service robot of KFC

In the summer of last year KFC, Baidu and the agency Trio Isobar were a good talking partner when they presented a very special robot in a KFC branch in Shanghai. Dumi is a robot trained on facial and speech recognition. It is able to predict special customer wishes and can also make changes to the order. Dumi, however, was only a pilot project to learn more about how speech recognition technology works in retail and system hospitality, respectively, when artificial intelligence is confronted with numerous different accents and dialects, as is usually the case in China.
            The holographic watch from Hublot

Customers of the luxury brand can use Virtual Reality to test how a Hublot watch would turn on their wrist. To do this, they only have to move their arm under a display, and a holographic watch model adapted to the individual taste of the wearer is already wrapped around the wrist.
            Ebay Click & Collect

With Click & Collect, Ebay brings the online and offline world closer together. The principle is simple: online shopping and pick up the goods in selected stores as soon as it is available. Critics see, however, no advantages. On the contrary, they criticize the fact that Click & Collect combines the disadvantages of on- and off-line trading: you can not look at the desired article before the purchase, but you still have to leave the house to get it. The advantages: No shipping costs, flexible collection and if you do not want the article, you also save the return customers. As ambiguous as the system may appear, it is growing in popularity. At the same time Ebay brings the stationary customer a bit further the running back, the online market place has previously withdrawn from him.
            The Chevrolet V-Showroom

A brand-new concept is the Chevrolet V-Showroom, which the Autobauer and the Dentsu-Aegis-daughter Carat only recently launched a few weeks ago. It is a mixed-reality application where the real world and the virtual world merge and create a new scenario in real-time. In concrete terms, this means that a trader can present his Wunschauto as a holographic model to his customers. This is particularly suitable if the showroom is not large enough to present the entire product range live. Potential buyers can walk around the virtual car and even examine the interior.
    The overall conclusion of Beyens and Lin: mixed reality will become one of the most important drivers for the shopping experience of the future. bu
    Image: Dmexco

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