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27 injured after marshalling accident in Andermatt

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | World News

A locomotive is to be approached at a train station in Switzerland. But there is an accident. In the wagons are at this time about a hundred people.

In the case of a marshalling accident at the station, 27 guests of the Matterhorn-Gotthard railway were injured in Switzerland. The accident happened at Andermatt station, as the railway company reported. It had come to a rear-end collision.

The police were also unable to provide information about the severity of the injuries. The train is popular with tourists. Whether and how many foreigners from which countries were among the injured remained open at first.

A locomotive had to be driven from the rear to the front end of the train via a parallel track, the railway operator said. In the five wagons, about a hundred people would have stopped at this time. The train should have left the station at 11.28 in the direction of Disentis. The cause of the accident was initially unclear.

The Matterhorn-Gotthard railway runs between Zermatt, the starting point to the Matterhorn, and Disentis about 140 kilometers south of Zurich. It runs on 144 kilometers of rails and completes more than 3300 heights. In December 2013, a train from the Matterhorn-Gotthard railway had rammed a delivery van on an unsealed railway crossing. Three wagons sprang out of the rails and eleven people were injured.


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