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1992: A Grand Prix of Belgium for eternity

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Sports

22. August 2017 – 09:52

The sensation: Just one year after the debut, Schumacher triumphs for the first time


(cafetheology.org) – Just a year after his celebrated Formula 1 premiere in Spa-Francorchamps, Michael Schumacher now resides in the fashionable Luxushotel and not as a Jordan pilot in the youth hostel. And: The Benetton driver is the hottest share on the transfer market – despite the fact that he still (without) wins Grand Prix. McLaren boss Ron Dennis is attacking the Grand Prix of Belgium 1992 after the vertical starter.Gerhardsberger has just signed with Ferrari, Ayrton Senna dreams of the Williams cockpit and only wants to stay with McLaren if a winner car is safe. The Brazilian knows Honda is getting off. Dennis lures Schumacher, but with his five-million-dollar offer with Benetton-Teamchef Flavio Briatore, who does not want to give his jewel not so easy.Kuriose scenes play also with Williams: There has signed Alain Prost, who is just one Time out of the Formula 1 takes what the freshly baked world champion Nigel Mansell does not like. The British, who is equipped with a proper ego, allegedly makes enormous demands on his Williams team. "If the Nigel really wants 23 million, then I understand why the Williams does not talk with him anymore," Ferrari consultant Niki Lauda seizes party for the wheelchair-seated Teamchef. How World-Champion Mansell at Williams in the Aus Austhurn Mansell asserts, That he does not charge for money in 1993 than in 1992, which is twelve million US dollars. Supposedly the negotiations are broken because of the extra wishes of the British, such as a separate motor home, so that he does not have to live with prost in the same hotel. In Spa, the negotiations fail finally, Mansell's team colleague Riccardo Patrese tricked himself and signed ahead of Benetton. "These people really want me," argues the Italian, who is a second choice at Williams.

In Hungary, Mansell rejoices over the World Cup, while in Belgium he is betraying Williams


Although Senna is "at zero" with Williams, the door remains for him, because both Prost and Mansell have contractually fixed that they do not want the Brazilian as team colleagues. This is the reason why the door opened for test driver Damon Hill, who had just two Grands Prix for Brabham at the time. On Thursday, despite all the bitter negotiations, there is also some fun in the paddock: Berger celebrates his 33rd birthday By McLaren-Fitmacher Jo Leberer not only a cake, but also a decent portion of cream in face and hair. Berger's answer to the Landsmann: Herb butter, with which he smears the physiotherapist. The catastrophe: How Senna Comas retires On Friday, the partly asphalted cult track in Spa-Francorchamps presents itself in sunshine. There is not much to see from the dreaded rain. But after just 40 minutes of the first free practice session, Formula One is holding its breath: Ligier driver Eric Comas breaks off the track at the fastest Blanchimont curve at a speed of 260 km / h and thunders into the crash barriers. "Ayrton has probably saved my life." Erik ComasAfter Senna meets the Ligier in the middle of the track, he immediately drops his McLaren and hurries To help – as the only driver. The unconscious Comas is fully on the accelerator, which makes the superstar act. "Ayrton must have heard the noise, the speed of the engine," Comas will say later. "He ran to the car and immediately turned off the circuit because there was a risk of an explosion or a fire, and probably Ayrton saved my life." The fear of the McLaren stars: that gasoline ignites.Comas is immediately taken to the hospital in Liège, but there is not even a brain shake. Already in the afternoon, the then 28-year-old is released, but because of a swallowed spine, he gets no starter certificate from Rennist Sid Watkins.Schock for Berger: Crash in Eau RougeAt the afternoon, the starting position decides already because it will rain on Saturday during the second qualifying should. Mansell gives his answer to the failed Williams negotiations and takes 2,198 seconds with second place in the 27th pole position of second-placed Ayrton Senna. This is a world despite the longest course in the calendar. Schumacher is already lined up in the Benetton in front of Mansell team colleague Patrese. On Saturday morning, the Benetton driver, who is expected to compete with him this weekend, is showing the best time in the event of torrential rainfall. Shortly thereafter, the fear returns to the paddock: McLaren-Pilot Berger, who had major technical problems on Friday, gets aquaplaning on the approach to the dreaded Eau-Rouge depression and bends into the guard rails at a right angle. Speed: 230 km / h. The McLaren is hurled back and forth like a billiard ball. "There is a stream running over the slopes", explains the Austrian, who is a fire: "On the second impact, I see the fire in the rear-view mirror – and still press the button for the fire extinguisher in the steering." Berger went out at once, but quickly fell to the ground: "I am sick and dizzy." Berger is leaving the afternoon qualifying but is fit for the race. Pierluigi Martini, the Italian, also slides on the stream, but he also hits the crash. This morning, Schumacher, who was once again in the warm-up training session, suddenly shook his head: "Today you can win." In retrospect, he wonders, "I do not know why I had that feeling." For Mansell, however, the day starts as bewitched: On arrival at the track, the new world champion is not allowed to enter because he has forgotten his passport.

The start: Senna shoots in front, but then tricks himself out


When the first raindrops fall as soon as 2:00 PM, the Briton does not get off the ground at the start and has to leave Senna to the front. Teamkollege Berger, on the other hand, is driving his shortest race: he is only 20 centimeters wide because of a broken clutch and has to give up – a completely mocked weekend for him. The McLaren-leadership through Senna does not last long: the superior Williams are already on the first lap On the Brazilian. As the rain gets stronger, Leader Mansell comes in the third round to the pits. A round later the Schumacher, who is behind Senna, comes in and changes to rainbows. Senna pays off As Ferrari driver Jean Alesi is in the duel with Mansell in the La-Source hairpin and touches the right front wheel of the Williams. This not only makes Mansell's steering more difficult, he also has to watch the team colleague return to the track before him.

In the initial phase everything speaks for a further victory of Champion Mansell


The only one who is still on slicks at this time: Leader Senna. "Because I have to risk anything other than Mansell and later change all tires," he argues. But poker is failing: The rain does not stop in spite of all the prayers of Sennas, by which he is pushed out of the top by the burning Mansell in the eleventh round. The Briton had just braked Patrese. Senna is passed up to seventh place before he resigns three laps after the leadership change and also changes on slicks. But what makes Schumacher at this time? The Kerpener hangs under the transmission of the second place Patrese and has team colleague Martin Brundle on the neck. And losing faith in his premonition of the morning: "When I was a third and a fourth for a while, I thought: 'Thank you, so far as your feelings are, it will not happen again, I had the topic somehow checked off. "Like a slip-up to become Schumacher's trump card

Senna is mostly on the wrong tire and will only be fifth


But then the events are over: Senna, who has nothing left to lose, changes to the Slicks in the 28th round because of the now drying track, but turns immediately afterwards in the La-Source hairpin. But Schumacher, who is in third place, also chases the many German fans in Spa-Francorchamps: Because the visor of his new light-weight Bell special helmets slides, he slides off the slope and almost hits the tire stack. "That was hairy" , He describes the almost-out. "I missed the apex, slopped over the curb, and could only be very lucky to prevent myself from falling into the limit." "When I see Martin's tire, I notice: They throw bubbles, show resolutions, so I think my Pneus should be in the same position Bad condition, "analyzes the Benetton pilot and immediately calls for fresh slicks. Schumacher runs one fastest lap after another. "This successful tire racer is probably the reason why I can finally win this race." Why Mansell Schumacher can not intercept

"Living room" Spa: Schumacher wins only 100 kilometers away from his home


Why does Williams not react on the "flying" Benetton drivers and leads Leader Mansell only three rounds later? A misunderstanding on the radio. When the Briton comes out of the box, Schumacher is suddenly a few seconds ahead of his favorite. But Mansell does not beat himself, works up to the Benetton up to three seconds. Schumacher counters in the 39th round – thus five rounds before the end – with a round time of 1: 53.791. At this point, this is the lap record! At Mansell, the bad luck returns, his exhaust breaks, and he loses five seconds per lap. He saves second place, but hits the finish line 36.595 seconds behind sensation winner Schumacher. Patrice gets third, Brundle, the spoiled Senna and Mika Häkkinen in the Lotus get the remaining points. Why Schumacher is so proud of his first victory? The story of the day is quite clear Schumacher, the 17 years after Jochen Mass in the demolition of Barcelona 1975 again Ensures that the German Bundeshymne is played. "I am giving this victory to the German fans, because they have had to wait so long", Schumacher announces, the tears come in the Auslaufrunde of his only 18. Grands Prix. What makes him especially happy is that he has won the victory on his own. "In fact, all the top pilots were still in the race. Nobody can reproach me, I would have inherited the first place." When Mass won in 1975 and Landmann Rolf Stommelen lost a few stretches in a tragic manner, Schumacher was only six years old. "At the time I was driving my second year go-kart, but I had no idea about the Formula 1," says the new star. And now he wins out, where the last great German hope Stefan Bellof left her life in 1985. It should be the beginning of an incredible success story: 90 more Schumacher victories will follow.


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