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The federal prosecutor demanded the maximum sentence for the main defendant Beate Zschäpe in the NSU trial. In addition, German lawyer Herbert Diemer called for a special gravity of his guilt and ordered his security deposit to be filed before the Oberlandesgericht in Munich.

Zschäpe is accused as an accomplice of the ten murders, two bomb attacks and 15 robbery accusations accused of the right-wing National Socialist (NSU). They are also accused of being a member of a terrorist group, 30-times attempted murder and other crimes.

There are no reasons for a penalty reduction or even a debt default Zschäpes, said Diemer. Zschäpe was "an ice-cold calculating person, for whom a human life played no role". For such cases, no debt reduction is foreseen. So far, there are no signs of a purification. The 42-year-old pursued the words without a recognizable impulse, his chin resting on his hands.

Prosecution: Zschäpe showed the will to "
Zschäpe, with his accomplices, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt shared the fanatical national socialist sentiment and helped to bring immigrants to fear and terror through arbitrary murders, the federal prosecutor argued. In doing so, she had shown the will of the "government" and formed "a third of a conspired triumvirate". Zschäpe, according to the investigation, was not himself present at the crime scene, but was also responsible for his work in the background.

Officials of the police 's track record are working at the Heilbronn crime scene, where the police officer Michèle Kiesewetter was killed and another official was seriously injured. (Source: Bernd Weißbrod / dpa)

 The prosecution's plea had already begun before the summer break, after more than four years of litigation. Four suspected supporters and supporters of the terrorist group are also accused. For the accused presumed Nazi helper Ralf Wohlleben, the accusation for aid to the murder claimed twelve years of imprisonment. Wohlleben should have procured the weapon with which the NSU committed nine murders.

For the second purchaser of the Ceska-type pistol, Carsten S., the prosecution claimed three years of juvenile. S. had been the only defendant to be comprehensively expelled from the beginning. Without his contribution, according to the Federal Prosecutor's Office, no such comprehensive information was possible. He had contributed "very decisively", Diemer explained the low level of responsibility.

According to the Federal Prosecutor's Office, the next few weeks will be followed by the other prosecutors, followed by the defense. A verdict in the mammoth process is expected in a few months.

Criticism of the collateral at the federal prosecutor's office
Zschäpe is the only surviving former member of the terrorist cell. Mundlos and Böhnhardt had shot themselves after a failed bank attack in November 2011 itself. After the suicide of the two, Zschäpe, according to the conviction of the federal prosecutor, also guilty of the attempted murder, when she set fire to the curse of the NSU trio in Zwickau.

A recording probably from the year 2004: Beate Zschäpe with their accomplices of the terror cell. (Source: Federal Criminal Police Office / dpa)

It had thus wanted to destroy evidence and the death of humans in accepting, the federal prosecutor had last argued. This crime was not a community act of the NSU, but to be attributed solely to Zschäpe, said the prosecutors.

Attorneys of the adjudicators have repeatedly criticized the federal prosecutor's office. Lastly, accused representatives accused Stephan Kuhn of the allegations in an interview with "Spiegel Online": The federal prosecutor protected state organs such as constitution protection and had not determined enough to possible supporters and associates.


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