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Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Gadgets

No home button anymore, facial recognition instead of fingerprint scanner: Apple has donated its iPhone the biggest changes for years. At the same time, the highly upgraded new model has also become significantly more expensive.

          Apple wants to set a new standard in the smartphone business with a radically renewed iPhone. In the case of the iPhone X (stands for 10, not the letter X), the screen fills most of the frontside and the fingerprint scanner has been replaced by facial recognition. With a US start-up price of 999 dollars, it is significantly more expensive than previous iPhone models and comes only at the beginning of November on the market. In the Phone X, a display with a diagonal of 5.8 inches – more than the current plus model – in a housing space that is only marginally larger than the current «small» iPhone 7. Also other smartphone offerers, if possible without screen margins. Designs in this direction, among other things, introduced the Chinese smartphone starter Xiaomi, world market leader Samsung and the start-up essential of Android inventor Andy Rubin. At the same time, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the iPhone X should set the marching direction for the industry for the next decade. With the larger display is no more space for the familiar home button, with which one from each application in the main menu with the app Symbols. For this function, you can now wipe the screen from the bottom of the screen instead. The face detection Face ID is three-dimensional with several different sensors so that the technology can not be tricked out with a photo. Samsung had to put in malicious comments as the journalist succeeded in a model. The Apple software also adapts to changes of the face – for example, when the user grows a beard, Marketingchef Phil Schiller said at the presentation at the new headquarters in Cupertino. The data is evaluated directly on the device using artificial intelligence. Thanks to the analysis, the phone is also intended to identify the user with different hairstyles and, for example, with and without glasses. The facial recognition replaces the fingerprint scanner not only for unlocking the phones, but also for the payment system Apple Pay. A playful side effect of the technology are animated Emoji, which in real time take over the user's facial expressions. In addition, the sensors that interrupt the display for a narrow strip at the top of the screen allow better self-protection. The iPhone X can be recharged wirelessly and is compatible with Qi standard wireless chargers. There is also a further development of the iPhones in the previous format Models iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in the two sizes with previous dimensions. They remain largely on the outside with the same design, but got among other things as usual significantly more powerful chips and cameras. Also they can be recharged wirelessly. The iPhone 8 holds approximately the price level of previous models and comes in September on the market. The delays in the iPhone X were already expected after media reports. The iPhone is the most important Apple product and accounts for over half of the Group's revenues. While around 85 percent of the smartphones run with Google's Android operating system, the bulk of the profits of the entire industry end up with Apple's highly lucrative iPhones. As another innovation, Apple makes its computer clock with a mobile phone more independent from the iPhone. The third generation of AppleWatch, launched two and a half years ago, can now go directly to the LTE data network. "This was our vision right from the start," said Apple manager Jeff Williams. One should also be able to be reached on the clock under the telephone number of the mobile phone. In the meantime, the additional technology in the case was accommodated with unchanged size, stressed Williams. For this, the antennas, for example, were integrated directly into the display. A reprogrammable SIM card for the mobile phone connection has been installed permanently in the device. Williams demonstrated the feature with a call on the watch of an employee who was just paddling in the middle of a lake. The Apple Watch had been the best-selling computer clock since the start in spring 2015. Now she is also the number one among the watch brands overall, said Apple boss Cook. It remained open whether, according to unit numbers, or – more likely – by turnover. The Group still does not cite sales figures. Cook just said that last year's sales rose by 50 percent year-on-year. The Apple Watch will also show more information on the pulse and warn users if the heartbeat is too fast. Data from the device is also to help in the course of a study to detect cardiac arrhythmias. As expected, Apple also introduced a new version of the TV box Apple TV, which supports sharper video mobiles in high 4K resolution.





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