Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | World News

The tropical storm "Harvey" has caused severe devastation in the US state of Texas, but the Republicans are planning a reduction in disaster relief in favor of a frontier wall to Mexico. (Source: Charlie Riedel / dpa)
        US President Donald Trump has promised Texas billions for rebuilding after Hurricane "Harvey". At the same time, the Republicans in the House of Representatives want to save nearly a billion dollars in disaster relief funds to build the wall of Trump on the border with Mexico.

The proposed cut in the resources of the disaster control authority Fema is part of the draft budget law, which the House of Parliament plans to discuss next week.

The cut of 876 million dollars (730 million euros) would be about half the cost of the down payment of the border wall. However, it seems certain that the party leadership will reverse the planned cuts next week: the external impact would be politically unfavorable.

In addition, there are currently only 2.3 billion dollars available for disaster relief.


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