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Vettel knows that the road to victory over the qualifying leads, because during Hamilton this season already seven pole picked up, the Ferrari-Pilot with two poles is clearly in the back meeting. "I also feel that our car is overall faster," says Vettel. "But we have to improve in qualifying, and if they turn the engine up, they'll get at least three or four tenths, and that makes a difference." Especially on the long Monza straights. "We have to change this trend, so the Sunday looks different, so it's a bit too easy." Speaking of: Holt Hamilton in Monza his 69th pole, he resolves Michael Schumacher finally in this statistic.Wo Ferrari in Monza its strengthsHowever, how will the special Monza layout now affect the power relationship? "It's true that we do not have a bad car on the straight," Hamilton says Monza is the race with the largest full-throttle percentage (75 percent) on the calendar. "But I think it's going to be very tight, maybe like in Spa, maybe the distance will be bigger, maybe they're ahead, I do not know."

Lewis Hamilton knows that Vettel and Ferrari are at risk in Monza

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Ferrari should not be underestimated in Monza, because, contrary to Spa, the behavior of the bolid on the brake is of great importance. Ferrari is very strong on the brakes, and at least Monza is really slowed down, so she'll be a tough opponent. " And at the end of the long start-goal straight. And one more aspect, according to the Austrian, whose team won in Monza over the last three years, is not to forget: "The home factor plays a role, they have a twelfth man there, and we will have to stretch ourselves." The Tifosi become Vettel And Kimi Raikkonen, who have extended their contracts in time before the home game, are lashing forward in the royal park, because they are lamenting for salvation: since Ferrari won Alonso in 2010, Ferrari is waiting for a triumph in the home. This is the longest stretch of the track, since Michael Schumacher turned Monza into a madhouse after a break of eight years in 1996. Like at Vettel-Festspielen 2008: Rain threatens

Vettel's Regentanz 2008 is legendary: Is the weather going crazy in 2017?


And also the statistics speak for an exciting weekend: Both Hamilton and Vettel have so far three Monza victories in their account. Above all, the Heppenheimer has special memories of the Ferrari autodrome as he sensationally celebrated his premier victory in Toro Rosso in 2008. And this year, you should not forget the weather report: Thunderstorms are especially on the two training days. On Sunday the weather could calm down. What role do the tires play this time? Pirelli brings the mixes Supersoft, Soft and Medium to the home race. This is a step harder than in Belgium and the same as last year. On the Ultrasoft tires one dared not approach, because the loads by the additional downforce of the new Boliden is larger. "In Monza, there is also the risk of bubbles, because the curves are usually braked by straight lines," explains Pirelli manager Mario Isola. "This means that the tire shoulder can easily overheat and create more bubbles than on other courses." The tire nominations of the pilots should not play a major role this time: The entire field has only selected one set of the mixture medium. While the Mercedes and Force India pilots are betting on three soft and nine medium sets, the rest is twice as soft and ten times medium softer Strange tire vibrations in spa at home in an uncertain weekend. There, many observers did not believe their eyes, when so-called "standing waves" caused vibrations of up to twelve hertzs ​​during acceleration from the busstop chicane and from La Source. This can be quite dangerous, as the resulting tailgate break at Lance Stroll as well as numerous damage to the bottoms showed. And Pirelli does not rule out a repetition. "This is possible because we have hard braking points, and after the slow chicanes, the cars have a lot of traction," Pirelli manager Isola sees similarities with Spa. "We still have to understand the impact of the grip and the nature of the asphalt. I'm not sure it will be repeated in Monza." The reason: The asphalt in Monza is less aggressive and the tire mixtures are harder. At the time, Pirelli at the factory in Milan is investigating the phenomenon that has so far only occurred on the side walls, but never before on the tread. "We look at the frequency of the vibrations and will continue to investigate this," the Italian promises. After the Belgian Grand Prix everything went well, he is sure that the security risk is limited. Red Bull is toothless due to grid punishmentBeses the question, who Mercedes and Ferrari in Italy can be dangerous. The answer: probably nobody. Red Bull is on the long straights not only under the PS-Mankoleiden, but also goes with grid penalties in the weekend. With Max Verstappen, which is still sour after his sixth drive problem this season, is expected to be a retransmission by ten start places, While Daniel Ricciardo is likely to get even worse: the Australian is at the combustion engine, the turbocharger and the MGU-H at the limit. There is a fear of 20 places. The Austrian team, headquartered in Milton Keynes, is facing a difficult weekend. Good news should be Force India with the Mercedes engine, but there will be an eye on the team duel between Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez. Are the two Streithähne in Monza actually controlled by the box and no more two fights allowed to discharge? You can be curious …


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