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In the fight for entry into the Bundestag, the parties are investing millions in sums of money in posters, election campaigns and digital campaigns on the net. It promises the most expensive election campaign ever. And he is approaching his hot phase. Almost every second voter is still undecided. T-online.de takes a look at the budgets of the parties and what they do with it. Who pays for your voice?

The question is not so easy to answer because not all parties are equally transparent in terms of spending on the Bundestag election – and the election campaign itself has also changed.

It is easy to understand which election campaigns are running, which posters are hanging, but the digital election campaign is more complicated, targets specific target groups. What is displayed to a user at Facebook, another user does not see much.

The CDU and the CSU together come to almost 30 million euros
However, in turn, the SPD is investing almost 24 million euros in the election campaign. The CDU and the CSU will spend more together: the CDU about 20 million euros – the CSU probably about 9.5 million euros. The sum for the CDU is an estimate based on their figures in the accountability report for the 2013 election. Official data does not make the party.

The three smaller parties are, of course, less involved in the ring: the Left estimates its budget at 6.5 million euros, the Greens at 5.5 million euros, the FDP 5 million euros. For the first time, the AfD is taking part in a Bundestag election and has a budget of 3 million euros. It is, however, unclear with what sums the party is supported by ominous association constructions.

  (Source: Benjamin Springstrow / cafetheology.org)

To the expenses of the party centers for the roof campaigns are still the funds, which the candidates and local party associations in the Bundestagswahlkreises spend – among the large parties per constituency about 30,000 to 40,000 euro usual.

Help to make digital election campaign transparent!
But what do the parties invest in the digital election campaign? T-online.de and Buzzfeed News are investigating the hidden election campaign at Facebook in an exclusive cooperation – and everyone can help to make the campaigns transparent. So far, it is still unclear how the parties use users specifically on Facebook with election promotion. And also the budgets for the digital campaigns are in most cases not public.

The SPD does not provide any information about this. The CDU merely shares the fact that there has been a slight shift in favor of electoral promotion in the digital media. Left, FDP and AfD officially invest about ten percent of their budgets into digital strategies. However, the AfD has now committed itself to an agency known for aggressive online campaigns, which has already provided its services to numerous US Republicans and European legal campaigns. So hot weeks could come to Germany.


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