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Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Gadgets

For those of us who used to have a Nintendo Gameboy (almost all), the latest console of the Japanese could be quite interesting. "Bittboy" is the new edition of the classic, looks almost exactly like its predecessor and is offered for around 34 euros in five colors. 90s-Feeling included. Let's get to the main tech news at noon.

              1. Deutsche Telekom takes Mainz's KI start-up into the arms The technology start-up Datalovers is now part of Deutsche Telekom's new funding program. The young company in Mainz, among other things, scored points among the Bonners with his approach of machine learning and the solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. The Telekom now wants to provide the necessary small money and infrastructure. 2. Ford and Domino's deliver food with self-propelled cars from pizza by robot? The two US companies Ford and Domino are working on this vision. From September, the fast food chain, together with the autocroup, wants to bring their food in some cases with Ford Fusion Hybrids, as the two companies announced on Tuesday. With the test, the corporations want to find out how consumers deal with the self-propelled cars. 3. Establish Google Manager AI start-upteches, who are looking for a job, are soon to be taught the right places through artificial intelligence. According to Techcrunch, the two former Google Manager Richard Liu and Yunkai Zhoe, who have now established the start-up Leap.ai, are pursuing this goal. Both had previously worked on AI projects at Google. 4. Fitbit introduces Smartwatch with 4-day battery FitBit, the hit wearables manufacturer, is launching its offensive against the rivals Apple and Garmin and has presented its new Smartwatch Ionic. In addition to a new system for pulse measurement, the US company, according to Golem, now wants to score especially with a surprisingly long battery: a proud four days he should last. 5. Dell wants to show its first VR glasses at the IFA Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Sony, HTC and now also Dell. The computer manufacturer wants to present his own virtual reality spectacle Visor at the IFA in Berlin, which starts on the weekend. According to Venturebeat, it is to cost 350 US dollars and only work in conjunction with a computer. On the 17th of October she will be on the market. 6. Munich students inspire Elon Musk with Hyperloop technologyElon Musks Space Corporation has hosted a second competition for its futuristic transport concept Hyperloop for the second time. A team from Munich's students gave the best picture and impressed with the fastest capsule the company founder Musk during a test run.




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